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03-13-04, 05:01 AM
Hello everyone,

I just installed MD 9.1 in a dual boot situation with XP pro. My sound card is a Creative Labs PCI 128, one that is fully supported by 9.1 and Xp. I have all kinds of good sound in Xp but only system sounds in 9.1! Like logonn and logoff sounds and the test sounds when one is changing or playing in that area. Nothing comes through when trying to play a music cd, not even scrtatches or hisses! the player volumes are set high enough and I`ve fiddled with Aumix and all other players and mixers! When I insert a cd and bring the player up, absolutely nothing happens, as if the player has no idea that the cd has a load of music to play! Does anyone have any ideas? Also, the alleged correct drivers are installed and cables connected to the sound card!
Thanks, Richard

03-13-04, 07:09 AM
Are you using the drivers that came with Windows XP? If so, you should head over to www.soundblaster.com click on support and go to the downloads section as there are updated drivers for the PCI 128 that are XP compatible.

XP isn't a huge fan of old hardware. You might want to consider at least upgrading to a Sound Blaster Live (which can be had for less than $40). You'll get better driver support as well as true 3D audio. If that don't whet your whistle, the Audigy LS is a decent card as well that can be had for $70 at retail (surely less online). New drivers were released for that card a couple days ago so you know there will be continued support of it.

03-13-04, 07:47 AM
Linux forum?

03-13-04, 07:53 AM
Oops, misread that. Yes, this belongs in the Linux forum. Oy, the stomach flu, she is a harsh mistress.