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03-14-04, 12:50 PM
I have a little problem. Friend of mine bought a 40GB WD400BB drive for a 300Mhz Celeron. The PC does not recognize the drive under any setting.
I heard that older systems would not accept drives over 32GB in size.

Is there a way that this system would recognize the drive? not even full 40GB, 32 would be fine.
There are no BIOS updates for the board.
HDD has no jumper that would limit it to 32GB

Pls guys, this is urgent. Appreciate all teh help form ur side.

03-14-04, 01:01 PM
Western does have a software called EZ-BIOS that might help you.....

I guess its thier version of Maxtors cap limit jumper option.

03-14-04, 01:19 PM
Can you tell me enything more about this app? How to use it and what does it do?

03-14-04, 01:59 PM
I used it once a long time ago so i dont really remember how it worked... i just took a look on westerndigital.com and im suprised i could not find it.

Edit, i found this from westerndigital.com

What is EZ-BIOS?

What is EZ-BIOS?

EZ-BIOS is a legacy drive overlay software used by Western Digital. Its purpose is to provide software support to allow systems with BIOS limitations to use larger capacity hard drives. While there are many end users currently using EZ-BIOS, we recommend providing hardware BIOS support if possible. This will take the form of either a BIOS upgrade, a controller card, or a new motherboard with a 48-bit LBA compatible BIOS.

NOTE: EZ-BIOS is not intended to be used with systems that are or will be running Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Now all you have to do is find the software itself.

03-14-04, 02:48 PM
Thanks a lot for the help! I will look into it tomorrow and definately let you know the results.

TX !

03-15-04, 03:33 PM
Ok got it to work. Turns out there is a jumper combination that enables the disk to run on legacy hardware......
Ofcourse they do not mention that anywhere on the website. I found it out from a WD boot disk.....

That PC that I worked on had some really fun hardware:
-NVidia Vanta 8mb GPU
-ExpertColor 16 sound card
-hard drive mounted under the PSU

Well I wasted half my day for a few bucks. Go figure....

03-21-04, 05:23 PM
could have flashed his bios and hoped it fixed it and enabled ya to see larger drives.. :P

03-22-04, 11:35 AM
-hard drive mounted under the PSUWhat what what? Wouldn't that be a little bit hot? :bugeyes:

03-22-04, 01:23 PM
What what what? Wouldn't that be a little bit hot? :bugeyes:

Not really. 2GB HDD and 200W PSU. 6yrs old BOX.

03-29-04, 02:34 AM
what chipset does the motherboard have.. I have an asus p2-99 (bx chipset), that previously wouldn't work with large drives, but I updated the bios, and now it runs fine with a 40gb drive in it. So, check for bios updates.. you may get lucky, or not, but bx level boards with the appropriate bios will support fairly large drives.

03-29-04, 07:15 AM
With WD drives I have noticed that they are often not detected if you put the jumper on settings that the motherboard says to.

For example my motherboard said to put it on cable select and it did not detect it, then Iput it in master and ta da! there is was.

My friend has a gigabyte nforce2 w/ raid and it did not detect the WD hard drive unless we put it on one of the raid channels until we changed the jumper to master from cable select.