View Full Version : NF7-S AN7 or DFI infinity

03-17-04, 12:53 PM
I recently sold my NF7-S to a friend and I'm looking to replace it.

Thing is that I've seen reviews of the AN7 and Infinity and most of them say both boards have several issues.

I like the infinity for its overclocking options and the AN7 cause its basically a nf7-s + fan control.

Any owners wanna share their experience with both boards?

03-17-04, 01:08 PM
Though a couple reviews I've seen of DFI's Lan Party line have been pretty positive, I don't trust them as much as I do Abit. My NF7-S overclocks well and has been a model of stability in spite of the fact that sometimes I've been less than careful in handling it (long stories).

03-17-04, 09:01 PM
I liked my nf7-s and the only reason I sold it is because I got good money for it, more than I paid for.

I've read several posts on some forums and both AN-7 and Infinity have problems that should be resolved by bios updates.

The nf7-s had some problems of its own but all of them were solved with the latest bios.

I'm curious about the AN7 ĀµGuru, specially the fan control abilities, but I read the software is kinda buggy.

I think I'll play it safe and get a NF7-S again.

03-17-04, 09:07 PM
Sounds like a plan. Can't go wrong there.

03-21-04, 01:45 PM
I love my AN7 personally, yes the uGuru software has its little font size bug, other than that I haven't run across anything board related or problematic. It's got a very nice layout and overall it gets my stamp of approval.