View Full Version : nforce 3.63 ethernet driver weirdness

03-17-04, 11:46 PM
I've just recently installed nforce 3.13 unified driver for my A7N8X-X, over my old driver that came with the Mobo, when i test the memory bandwidth benchmark with SiSoftSandra Pro 2003, it gave a lower memory data rate compared to my old driver, this was also happens with PCMark04, and PCMark02.
After i check it, this was caused by Nforce MCP Networking Controller, then i rolled back my ethernet driver to the old ones (version 2.81), then the benchmark gave the score higher as before i install the new driver, just like i was expected.
Why is this happening ? Is it because the driver use more memory resources so the benchmark shows lower score ?
So which driver should i choose ? eventhough the old ones looks working fine to me

03-21-04, 01:43 PM
3.63 has a known issue with regards to a workaround left in by accident, that was aimed at unreleased silicon.
You'd be best off with 3.13 from the 2.45 pack, but if 2.81 works for you, keep it.

I believe there's a new driver pack coming shortly. But I couldn't say when shortly actually is.