View Full Version : Which GeForce4 Ti 4200 cards support dual monitors?

10-07-02, 09:11 AM
Does anyone here have this card?? can you give me some comment on it?? does it work with AMD?? Gigabyte 7VRXP ?? thanx.. also.. does it have two RAMDAC like they advertise it??? so I can use dual monitor? thanx.

10-07-02, 09:27 AM
There isn't a GeForce4 card I know of that doesn't have the capability to do dual monitors. The majority of cards have one CRT and one DVI output. Many cards come with a DVI to CRT adapter so you can run 2 standard displays. You may want to take that into consideration when you're making your purchase. If I were running 2 CRT displays, I wouldn't buy a card that doesn't come with an adapter.

10-07-02, 10:16 AM
[shameless plug] Check out my review ( linked on the front page ) :D [/shameless plug]

After using the card in question for a number of months, I can attest that it is a spectacular card. For many years, I had only bought Gainward cards...though now, XFX is an equal ( and cheaper ) alternative. The overall quality and construction of the card is top-notch...good overclocker...great image quality....etc...

The card will work with any cpu/board out there...based upon NVIDIA's reference design so it is super-stable and compatible.

You'll find some good info in the review...let us know if you have any more questions...


10-07-02, 10:53 AM
Actually.. I did read the review.. I know the card is great.. the only problem I have is whether I can do two monitor with 2 CRT? As for an adapter, can I just use the DVI to CRT adapter I got from ATI for my Radeon VE? It seen to be the same adapter they sell online for DVI to CRT.. yeah.. I know it's great card.
Thanx again

10-07-02, 11:02 AM
NVNEWS are the only one that has a review for this card.. no one else.. I mean.. no other web site.. has a review for this card.. except for 3Dvelecity..but somehow..the review is not accessable anymreo :( .. I just want a decent video card with DUAL CRT SUPPORT!!

10-07-02, 11:09 AM
The adapter you have with your Radeon VE should be fine. You aren't going to find any modern cards that have support for only 2 CRT's. If you have any reservations about the brand of card because of lack of reviews, MSI makes excellent Ti4200 cards. There should be plenty of reviews on it, too. GL with whatever card you decide. :cool:

10-07-02, 11:37 AM
The reason I wanted the XFX card is that.. it is only 165 for 128 MB ... and I don't even know if the MSI 4200 does two CRT via adapter.. because even if they have an DVI and the CRT connector in the back.... a lot of the cards cannot do dual CRT monitor, because the lack of dual RAMDAC.

10-07-02, 11:53 AM
.... in case newegg runs out of XFX Geforce 4200.. does anyone here know of any Ti4200 64MB or 128MB card that supports dual CRT.. (meaning.. it has dual RAMDAC) I know most of them support CRT + DVI, but I have two CRT.. thanx.. btw.. i have the DVI to CRT adapter, but people been telling me that I need two RAMDAC to make it works.. any Ti4200 would work for me I guess...


10-07-02, 12:29 PM
Because of nView, any GeForce4 card should be able to run 2 CRT monitors without the need for a dual RAMDAC. If it couldn't be done, no manufacturers would include DVI to CRT adapters with their products. :)

But if you feel more comfortable with dual RAMDAC's, then by all means get the XFX card. But I don't think you need to be so worried about it.

10-07-02, 12:44 PM
I just bought an MSI g4ti4200 and it has dual crt and tv out and video in. But as far as i have seen with the nvidia cards there is no feature like theater mode on the ati cards where you can watch a dvd on the tv and have the regular desktop as well