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03-19-04, 12:39 PM
I recently bought a Nvidia geforce Fx 5200 card and when i play a game it displays a Nvidia sign i the lower right corner of my screen. To me this is not good, ok i know it is a Nvidia graphic card in my computer, but i dont have to be reminded of that every time i play a game.

Does anyone knows how to disable this, is this a registry tweak or what,

03-19-04, 01:44 PM
This used to be in the D3D driver tab along time ago, but there is no D3D driver tab anymore..

What driver version are you using ?

03-19-04, 03:17 PM
Card (AGP8X) Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

It is NVIDIA Display Driver for Windows 2000/XP version 53.03, 11/17/2003