View Full Version : Mouseware and "accelerated scrolling"?? Why not?

03-22-04, 11:14 AM
I own a Logitech MX500 mouse. It is ok, but here is one haggle that I have with this mouse that is making me consider moving back to the Microsoft side.
In Microsoft's Intellpoint drivers, there is a feature called "accelerated scrolling." In other words, in a document/web page, the faster you move the scroll wheel, the faster the page scrolls.

I happen to be very attached to this feature. My question is this: Why doesn't the Logitech Mouseware have an equivalent feature? I even went as far as to hack the Microsoft Intellpoint software to use it with the MX500 so I could have the accelerated scrolling. That is how I'm running my mouse now.

Is there any workaround/update/hack for software to enable this feature on Logitech MX series of mice?

Thanks for all your help.

03-22-04, 11:18 AM
On your mousware control panel, on the Buttons tabs, there is a section called Scoller on the lower half, maybe you oughta change the scrolling size? That might help u out?

03-22-04, 11:21 AM
That doesn't work. It just increases the amount of scroll you get when you move the mouse wheel. It's not accelerated, per se. :(

03-22-04, 11:32 AM
Ok..I dunno of another settings on mouseware. I have a MX700 and its very indeedy

03-22-04, 02:28 PM
Goto Control Panel, then goto 'Mouse'.

Find the tab called 'Motion' and the acceleration options are in there.


03-22-04, 02:31 PM
There are no acceleration options for the SCROLL WHEEL. There are only acceleration options for the POINTER.

03-22-04, 02:35 PM
sorry, read question wrong

03-24-04, 02:00 PM
By acceleration of the scroll wheel what do you mean?

03-24-04, 02:35 PM
The faster you scroll the wheel, the farther the document you are scrolling scrolls. The slower you scroll, the slower the document scrolls.

03-24-04, 06:04 PM
The faster you scroll the wheel, the farther the document you are scrolling scrolls. The slower you scroll, the slower the document scrolls.

ohhh..i see. Yea this sounds like a nice feature to have on my MX500.

03-30-04, 06:50 PM
ajm786, this is a brilliant idea.

The cursor can "accellerate" and move farther the faster you move the mouse. If you move the mouse 10cm slowly it moves 10cm on teh screen, if you move it 10cm fast it moves 20cm on teh screen.

mousewheel nudgy
The mousewheel on my old logitech mouseman wheel is very "digital," so 1 big nudge with it is 3 lines. If it was finer/ more analogue we could scroll 1 pixel at a "nudge" only the nudges would be super-fine. A faster scrolling would result in more pixels per nudge, or less nudges per pixel (whatever can be achieved).

Then we wouldnt have to set it at 1 screen scroll or 1 line scroll if we wanted different "speeds," but could be compatible with most situations.

I havent thought about this at all, and dont know if a finer and more bandwidth-needing scrollwheel would disrupt the smooth USB mouse movements though.

Oh and this should be hardware supported/accellerated in the OS and GUI like Longhorn and 3D accellerated windows. Talk about Sci-Fi feel to the OS; Supersmooth scrolling and live-rendering of webpages (the rest is limited by my current imagination).

03-30-04, 10:56 PM
I certainly hope Microsoft integrates this for all mice by default, as I am using this feature with hacked Intellimouse drivers on my Logitech MX500.