View Full Version : Anyone wants a bfg 5900nu Brand new? (USA & CANADA)

03-23-04, 04:39 PM
Hey guys....
I'v got a new bfg Asylum 5900 nu as a gift...Anyways...I already have one on my pc :mohawk:
So i am planning to sell the new fx 5900...It is still in the box and it got a lifetime warrenty guys...
You knw the Asylum 5900...Plenty of overcloackin potential...You can easily flash it to a 5950... :angry:

Okays guys...If anyone is interested let me know...

And by the way..My last price is 200$...
See u

03-23-04, 06:53 PM
How did you manage to get it as a gift? That's a pretty nice present.

03-23-04, 07:46 PM
Its just my sister in Florida who always manage to get me nice Computer gifts from there (foshiz)

I thank god i have this sister :nana:
my email is agmy00@hotmail.com
if anyone wants da card...
Seee uuuuuuu

03-23-04, 07:50 PM
You knw the Asylum 5900...Plenty of overcloackin potential
The Federation finally stole that technology from the Klingons 'eh?

03-24-04, 05:41 AM
I just sold it guyssssssssssss for 200$ brand new... :beer:
it took me one day thank godd

Waiting for the nv40 offff cuurrrrrrrrrrrse :smoking2:

Hope its gonna be a gr8 card...ill be buyin the non-ultra one..at least i hope so...
See u laterzzzz