View Full Version : Revisiting my WinFast A350 TDH LX

03-23-04, 08:16 PM
Ok, So theres any confusion about this card, It's a discontinued model that only existed for like a month.

It uses the 5900 Ultra PCB, and it claims to use 2.8ns memory. (Clocked at 400/700)


Tho I was curious today (Since theres no way to look at the memory of this card w/o Dismantling it) How fast the memory really was, I expected it with 2.8ns 712 mhz to top out at about 760/750 Mhz if I was Lucky..

So I started t play with it.

760 Fine,

Moved on increasing it to 780 Mhz,

Then 800 Mhz,

Then 825 Mhz,

And 850 Mhz,

Its Running @ 850 Mhz Right now, Completely stable. No Real Heat change, And I'm considering messing with it more.

I'd have to say a 850 Mhz memory should be damn near impossible with 2.8ns memory? Could it be leadtek just threw my card together with 2.2ns memory, And should I go ahead and leave it like that.. Hmmm I'm not usually a big overclocker but if I can run it within its specification thats great....

Its running perfectly in Every Game I throw it With No trouble or artifacts or instability @ 400/850..

03-23-04, 10:38 PM
Forgive my double Post, But I am pretty certain this is 2.2ns Memory For sure, its doing 850 Mhz for several hours,No Artifacts, Nothing. And my Anti Aliasing/AF FPS have gone way up. But Now I need to find a Leadtek FX 5900 Non Ultra Bios, To Flash it so can default @ 400/850 at all times..