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10-08-02, 08:01 AM
We have some Tweakmonster non-conductive shims to give-away to the people with the most horrific and depressing stories regarding chipped or cracked CPU cores...


I'll start things off to get the ball rolling... :D

A year or so back, I purchased an OEM AMD 1.33GHz processor...Well, I installed the heatsink, went to power the system on....and nothing.......no beeps.....no power....nothing....just a fan blowing on a cooked CPU.....

I took the processor out and saw ( to my horror ) that the outer edge had been chipped!

After a few calls and emails, AMD offered to replace my 1.33GHz with a 950MHz processor with no charge....I figured, something was better than nothing and I accepted the trade...

Since then, I have religiously used a CPU-shim and have never had a problem...I learned my lesson....


10-08-02, 10:57 AM
WAITAMINUTE - I was just reminded of an incident that I had pushed back to the recesses of my brain because I was so ashamed at myself. I had told a story in this thread (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2041) about my adventure installing an 850 MHz Athlon and not plugging the fan into the correct header.

Well, several months later I was going to upgrade my system to a 1.2 GHz processor. I picked up an OEM one, new fan and some thermal compound as I had run out of Arctic Silver 2. Not ordering more AS2 and using that cheap **** thermal compound proved to be a huge mistake.

I got home with my new CPU and installed it what I thought properly. I power on my machine - nothing. Put my old fan on and power on - nothing. After many minutes of this I took out the 1.2 GHz to see the core had been completely fried. So, I figure I'll put my old 850 in. Power on - I get into the BIOS and the temp of the CPU is about 50 degrees C. That ain't good because prior to this 1.2 GHz CPU, it never ran hotter than about 38 degrees. I mess around with it some more, power on my system and nothing, again.

I had fried my 850 CPU as well. :( And in the process created two lovely burns in both heatsinks I had at the time. That night I ordered a new 1.2 GHz CPU, Globalwin CAK38 HSF and Arctic Silver 2. I put that in and the computer worked beautifully until I sold it to a friend and the Globalwin HSF fell off the CPU, busting the AGP slot. :(

So after all was said and done with this, I was out 2 CPU's and 2 heatsinks and a whole lot of money.

I can PM you my name address so you can send me that shim, hehe. :D

10-08-02, 11:05 AM
( Wipes a tear from the corner of his eye.... )

Wow....that will be tough to beat....my condolences... :D

10-08-02, 03:00 PM
About 3 weeks ago, I left my home town of Yakima, Wa to go to a Tech School in Phoenix. Well, first lemme tell you what i have in my computer:
Athlon XP1900+
Asus A7V8X
Radeon 8500DV
256 MB DDR400
Thermalright SLK800 w/ Vantec Tornado 80

Well, I packed the computer and the monitor up all nice to have it ready for the plane ride 3 days before, so I had to go without my computer for a while. When i was at the Hotel in Phoenix, 4 days later, I heard a rattling noise when i moved the box. I opened the case to the computer and saw my 8 lb heatsink on the bottom of the case. This scared me. I looked immediately at my proc and saw that the core's corners had been rounded off. Whats worse, my brand new motherboard's socket had been broken where the heatsink was held on. My radeon was cracked and my RAM sink was scratched all to hell. The airline said it was out of their hands. Luckily, I bought a retail cpu and it was covered in the warranty. However, the $150 i spent on the Radeon and the $250 I spent on my board, Ram, and Heatsink were gone. I am still computerless, stuck on a Pentium 3 til I can get replacements.

10-08-02, 04:41 PM
My story begins like this...
Some time ago, I purchased a a 1.0ghz/200 T-Bird, and built a sweet little system around it. This was my first AMD system and it was love at first boot. Having been a veteran of the Celeron O/C'ing scene I immediatley set about pushing it to the limit. I unlocked the L1's and pushed the FSB as high as I could, but still (of course) wasn't satisfied. I started hanging out in overclocking forums and newsgroups and was introduced to all manner of arcane system tweakage. Temperature, I thought, THAT is why I can go faster. The idea of watercooling intrigued me. Such a simple concept. I had access to the machinery and materials necessary, so I decided to build my own waterblock.

After a couple of weekends at work using my spare time, I completed the water block, but realized, I needed a clip of some sort. So I built that too. That is where my troubles began. It seems that my homemade clip was totally inadequate for the job, but like a dumbass, I tried to make it work.

With the first attempt at installation, I managed to round off two of the cores corners. Thankfully the proc seemed to bein normal working order. But did I walk away the wiser?

Realizing that this wasn't going to work, I attempted a redesign of the clip. A week or two later I re-attempted installation. It seemed to go alright, though the clip was still ill-suited to the task it held, and I fired the sytem up. POST went fine, but got a crash loading Windows. Rebooted, checked temps in the BIOS, and was shocked to see that they were 20 deg. F. Higher than with genereic heatsink. Thinking that I had mis-applied the thermal compound, I removed the block and re-applied. One step too far.

On re-installing the block, I managed to not only round the other two corners and break a nice long splinter off one of the long edges of the core, I also broke the lug off the socket. I was screwed.

I spent the next two weeks limping along on my wifes computer (my trusty old Celeron 300a) until I found and orderd a new proc and heatsink with a three-prong clip. The water block still sit there on my workbench, mocking me, it seems. Daring me to try again. But I showed it. I built a new block, a better block, haha, that will use the mounting holes cut in the mobo. A new shim would be the icing on the cake. Please help me to rub Mr. Oldwaterblock's nose in the mess he made.


10-08-02, 05:27 PM
I am a big AMD fan. I work at a computer company and build computers. My boss is a big Intel fan. He does not list AMD options on the company's web site, and goes out of his way to convince our customers to get Intel. After almost a year of convincing my boss to put AMD product on our web page for sale, he finally caved! Yay! Our first order for an AMD came in. A Duron 1.3GHz. My job to build it since I am the only one who has worked with AMD chips. They give me a OEM CPU, and a cheap CPU fan. The CPU fan was EXTREAMLY tight, and when I finally got it on I was happy. I turned on the system and nothing? With my Intel fan boss breathing down my neck, and the customer waiting, I detach the CPU fan to find a black flake about the size of a grane of sant laying in the white thermal paste. I looked at one of the corders of the chip, and sure enough. CRACKED!!! UGH! I had to tell my boss that the chip was dead because of this chip the size of a grane of sand. He starts ranting and raving about how crappy AMD is and just goes OFF!!! Now we hand to RMA (if possible) this CPU and get a new one in the next day. Delaying the ship time for the customer. He swore to remove all AMD products off our web page. Fortunatly he did not! I told him it was because of the tight clip on the heatsink, and the lack of....A SHIM!!! The extra cost of shims was out of the question for him (cheap basterd) but we did get a CPU fan with a looser clip. Not a better fan, just a looser clip. We hardly sell any AMD now since my boss took down most AMD products. Whats the sad story here? An AMD fan being stuck building and testing nothing but Intel computers =( My Athlon XP 1800+ at home sure can use a shim ;) My only shot to convince my boss that AMD is good was blown due to a lack of a good SHIM. That would of prevented me from chipping that Duron no matter how tight the clamp was.


Tex Arcana
10-08-02, 05:36 PM
I had gotten my a nice sweet VIA-based ECS mobo, with a 1.3G Tbird. Nice and fast, right? Put a copper orb on it, but with some of the work I was doing on it (taking in and out of my computer hole in my desk), I felt that I was risking the proc with the orb, so I sent off for a nice anodized aluminum shim and AS. I gooped it nice, fit the shim in place, put the sink on, started her up. Fans come up, mobo beeps, then nothing. Nada. Zilch. Then I caught a small whiff of smoke--just a hint. A mere hint. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my gut. I lay the case down, and pop the heatsink, and look at the bottom of it. No goop. Oh, crap. The copper/aluminum interface on the orb has a damned RIDGE, about .5 mm thick, around the copper core!! I didn't even THINK to check for proper contact!!

It took a total of 8 seconds to fry a 1.3 Tbird. I felt SO DAMNED STUPID!!!:(

THat set me back an additional $125 for a 1.2 Tbird.

I kept the 1.3 as a reminder I can be stupid at a whim.

10-08-02, 05:44 PM
About a year ago i purchased a 1.33ghz amd thunderbird proccessor for about $300 canadian, i was all ready to go with my alpha heatsink, silver thermal paste, etc etc. This was my first athlon procesor i ever installed. First go, i cracked it, smelled like burnt silicon. win2k started booting, bsod, crashed, never posted again. actually had burn marks on the heatsink, and ther was a nice dent in the heatsink. so lost a heatsink and a proc on that one. i replaced that processor with a 1.4 athlon about 2 weeks later (another $300 canadian, + 60 for the new alpha heatsink). that went in without a hitch, then about 8 months later after running it at 1.4ghz, i decided i needed to try the pencil trick (because im an overclocker). did this, and put on a different alpha heatsink this time which allowed me to mount a non-thin fan. (7000 rpm delta). Putting it on this time, the computer posted, and then died shortly after.. same burnt silicon smell, same chunk taken out of the heatsink. I replaced it with a 950mhz athlon from a friend ($60 canadian this time) which is humming along happily at 1ghz, but i've lost quite a lot of cash in the past year on cracked cores! gonna be trying the pencil trick again on this processor, and im never using another alpha heatsink that uses the same clip mechanisim on the pal-66, this i think is what really caused the cracked cores.

(on the upside, i now brag about having a 1.4ghz keychain)

10-08-02, 08:17 PM
That sucks, Tex Arcana........

I even stuck a blurb up in my install guide pertaining to the orbs with ridges on the bottom.....I still don't understand why they had them in the first place.

10-08-02, 08:34 PM
I was putting a new heatsink of my trusty old t-bird i got for christmas, and seeing how i was 15, i couldnt just go out and get a new one, i was trying to be extremely careful, i put on my compound, and proceeded to install my vantec 6035, so i could get some more overclocking in. Ande when i powered up, i got a nice set of beeps. My first thought, was oh my god, i fried it. I looked at it, and it seemed fine, so i tried it again, still nothing, so i took it back out, and after minutes of searching, i found a small chip, nothing noticable, but enought to kill a glorious chip. With my stock amd heatsink, and 1.70 volts, it could do 1.6, which was a nice jump from 1.4, and heat was what was stopping me, for the amd heatsink is not meant for extreme cooling. I was co crushed (no pun intended), so i had to choke it up, and go mow some lawn for some cash to replace my t-bird. My current one will do 1.6 at 1.7 also, and i am very lucky that it does, but it is just not as rewarding as when you hit a 200 mhz overclock for the first time, it is like when you get your first car, or go on a first date, i guess it shows how much i love computers.

Alex Morgan:(

10-08-02, 08:55 PM
man these stories are deserving of more than a shim

10-08-02, 08:58 PM
My first duron was a 650 bought off ebay. I had already received all my other components by the time the cpu came, so I was very hyped to get the system working. While I try to figure out how to make the clip on my dragon orb work, I feel the heatsink shift lightly. Lift it up, and the corner of the core is stuck in the thermal paste. Oh well, I figure I just paid the stupid tax and order another cpu (a 700 this time). It works fine for me for several months. This is when I get a new case. I take apart the old system, and get everything in the new case, but I loose this little plastic piece on the CD-ROM tray. Its stuck down in the front of the case, but I can't find it. After living without it for a few days, I decide I am going to SHAKE it out. This was my most brilliant move ;) I turn off the machine, and proceed to shake it around and actually bang the case on its back corner a few times before I hear something rattle around in there. I open the case, retrieve the piece, and close the case back up. Later that day, I go to power up the system and nothing happens. I instantly smell something hot, and flip the switch on the PSU. After opening up the case, I immediately realize that the heatsink has popped completely off the cpu. it is swinging in there by the tabs on one side, but at a 90 degree angle to the motherboard. The power was on for less than 5 seconds, and the cpu was blown. Big corner was chipped off, and the backside of the chip has a big burned spot on it.

At least I was able to get a cheap duron 1200 by this time.

I am very careful with my cpu and case, handling it all like its made of glass...now.

(Update: I am in the process right now of making myself a nice keychain by epoxying the two chips togather)


10-08-02, 09:02 PM
Well heres my story. Sorry it came out long...

I had a Abit KT7-Raid, with a little 700 Duron installed. Abit's site said I could update my Bios and install up to a 1.4 gig T-bird(with L1 disconnected). I decided to go ahead and try this out, but first I had to back up everything on my 50gig raid array because the Bios update may(and did) loose raid configuration. I spend 3 days burning cd's off my raid, because I had a ton of downloaded Star Trek episodes I down loaded off of WinMX. After 3 days of burning I was ready. I updated my Bios. Installed the 1.4T-bird and it didn't beep, didn't boot. Nothing would make it boot. I then decided to put the 700Duron back in and find out if I even had a pc left. It booted right up with the 700Duron just fine. I then went into Bios and set the bios for "Above 1200"(this is all the Bios had to offer for a 1.4 setting). I put the new 1.4T-bird back in the system and it booted straight into windows. I thought I had it all figured out. I decided to reboot the pc just to be sure. On the second boot.. Nothing. It wouldn't boot again. I cleared CMOS. Still nothing. I put the 700Duron back in again. Pc boots just fine. So I went into Bios again. Tweaked some bios settings. Shut it down. Put in the 1.4T-Bird. Again, it would boot once and then never again. I put the 700Duron in again. (alotta cpu swapping, but I was getting pissed at this point.. First mistake, working on it pissed.) This time I tweak the Bios multiplier untill it thinks the 1.4T-Bird is a 1.33. I put the 1.4T-Bird in. Again, it boots once and only once. I now put the 700Duron back in for the fourth time or so... ... ..... ... Only... ... ... This time as I'm installing it I feel something kinda grainy under the heatsink. Hoping it was my imagination, I clip the heatsink and power it on... ... ... No boot with my 700Duron... .... *insert some cuss words here* I take the chip out and there is a tiny sliver of silicon laying on the chip. *insert a lot of cuss words here* I'm thinking how am I going to get this thing to boot now that my only reliable chip is fubar? I put the 1.4T-bird back in, I play with some junk still no good. I take the HSF off and stare at it for a bit. I really don't know what to do. I decided I needed to go cool off for a bit(so pissed at myself I can't see straight), so I lay the HSF on the cpu(not clipped) and go outside for a smoke. After gathering my nerves... I come back in and turn on the pc. The computer starts to boot. It beeps, it actually BEEPED! It never even BEEPED when it wouldn't boot before. I'm thinking ROCK ON!.. It's going to boot and give me another chance at this thing. Keep in mind I thought all that in a split second, because just as I thought all that. I heard a CRACK!!!!!!!. I look in the case and I forgot to latch the HSF.... ... .... *insert enough cuss words here to defeat a small country!!* My 1.4T-bird was smoked. My HSF had burn marks. All because I didn't latch the D*** HSF. Stupid...

The next day I ordered an ABIT KR7A-Raid, a 512mb pc2100, an AMD 1700XP, a new case, and........................ A 850Duron for what is now my son's pc........

10-08-02, 10:43 PM
Well , it was a friday nite and my 1200mhz Tbird fried on me. I quickly called AMD and they said they couldn't RMA my processor because it was OEM. The store said the 30day warranty was up I was for sure out of luck. I had around $100 in matured bond money so I got my dad to cash it for me saturday mornining. Well I had $90 in my wallet which I got from working all week moeing lawns and help sweeping my neighbors leaves. I quickly ran to the store and wanted to purchase a new 1400mhz AMD Thunder bird , the guy said he was out of stock. So here iam at 1pm est thinking , I take a trip to Manhattan in New York City where I live , I took 3 Trains and a cab to pc-beyond. I got myself ahold of a boxed 1.4Ghz cpu for $173 without tax. I quickly run home to try the cpu with my water cooling kit, winds up the cpu didn't boot I said ok np lemme try a hsf. I put the heatsink on and the processor boots up I was happy as heck. I decided now to clean up my water cool kit an get ready to reinstall it to overclock. Anyhow as removing my heatsink Global Win the clip was a pain to get off so I finally got it removed , behold infront of me is my new 1.4Ghz which I broke my but for with the core cracked on the edge a huge crack and lots of lil glassy looking things surrounding it. Shes dead :'( I started to get really emotional as I have no computer to play with now. I ask my dad what to do he said its your problem kiddo he said i dont have enough money for a new one. I burst out in tears. Later on I called AMD they said they would RMA it I told them my HSF was aprooved etc.. etc.. they told me to send it in Fedex so I did overnite. Wound up taking Saturday sunday and monday to get there. I called AMD constantly to find out they had no more 1.4's in stock they asked me what i would like to do I told them I guess ill have to wait. I wound up without a working computer for 3 weeks. :'( I had to visit the libary to browse the web an stuff. I was 14 just turning 15 at the time. This was probally one of the most emmotional moments of my life as my processor and overclocking experiances where bad at this time. Amd did give me a new processor. I wound up repairing my neighbor cory's computer 1month later , as his dad couldn't get it to work. I decided to try my processor the 1.4 in his comp to see if it would boot. I wound up frying that one too.. with the AMD HSF his came with. He only renbursed me $75 for it and 1month later my father let me buy a new 1.33 off pricewatch , well this time I had the store install it then all was well. This is my story of my CPU Core being cracked leaving me without a computer for a really long time as i depend on the computer daily. Thanks hope you enjoyed the story , I didn't enjoy the reality.

John (ReTiCuLeX)

10-08-02, 11:20 PM
This happened last year I went to work and a oddly enough a lady brought in a machine that kept crashing for odd reasons I little looking around found a melted Intel Pentium 3 500mhz the whole outer black plastic case around the CPU was melted and warped oddly enough whoever was messing around in there didn't connect the fan header to the mother board. I was surprised it even worked. That day I picked up my girlfriend at work and rushed home because my parts were coming in for my new pc. I waited for 3 weeks every day for UPS to deliver my parts. The package finally came Asus A7A266, Athlon 1.3 GHz with the 266 FSB, Alienware black hydraulic case, Thermaltake Super Orb. I put everything together to find out that it doesnt boot up nothing so I check the CPU its fine and all the connections to the mother board everything is physically correct. Oddly enough the power supply is dead and I just got it no more then 3 hours ago so I test it and I was right its dead. I pop in my old power supply and try to power it up this time I hear the fan but no video and no drives spinning. I take the CPU out and it has a nice edge knocked off of it. After going out side with my girlfriend and beating the **** out of an IBM 286 PS/2 I had in my basement with a baseball bat with 286 pieces all over my yard I called AMD and they replaced the CPU with in a week. Seems that what cracked it was that stupid super orb with the crapy clip (Thanks Thermaltake for changing the clip it after I cracked it....assholes).


10-09-02, 01:46 AM
This happened a couple years ago when i was still in highschool. I wanted a computer for x-mas but of course i didn't get one. So i set out with my x-mas money to build me one. And just by chance my friend had gotten a KT-7 raid for x-mas but droped his CD-R on it sheering off alot of componets. So i talked him into givin it to me. I then set out to solder on all the stuff that was knocked off. After many trips to radio shack for capictors and such and 3 weeks of burnin myself with the soldering iron it was rdy to test. so i set out to get the rest of the parts I traded and begged till i got everything i needed. Then when i go to put the heat sink on i realized that one side of the socket was messed up. So not being detered i reach for the trusty zip ties. After carefully gettin my monster heat sink i place i fire it up....nothing....i check ram, video card. power. everything. So i cut off the zip ties and to my horror a large chunk of the side has been crushed to nothing but powder...i had to wait 6 months later to get another chip, i am now runin a duron.

10-09-02, 01:56 AM
lol you guys crack me up (no pun intended).. I've built approximately around 20-30 AMD systems (I ONLY recommend AMD systems) and I have yet to crack a single core, and no I've NEVER used a shim before. I really dont know how the hell some of you guys manage to crack your chips.. I mean.. maybe i always invest in an expensive HSF.. but I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out how people do it.. help me out here.. lol..

10-09-02, 05:45 AM
Hi all there!
I've been reading your stories and I think we can all laught at mine... I have 2 stories about that:

2 years ago, I bought a classic slot Athlon 550 and a FIC motherboard (oh, HOW I DID HATE THIS MOBO!!) and of course, I had to overclock it as I've always done with my rigs... Well, it was a 0.25u piece, and it was REALLY hot (about 50C on idle!) so I decided I had to do something about it before I could overclock. So I took a big HS and attached to it 2 8cm 5000rpm fans (it took me a while and a lot of silicon glue to make it rock solid). Afer that tweaking, I was able to hit 650MHz with the tipical card for slot AMD, with the same 50C, but I was still not happy. So I decided to dismount all the micro package until I had only the pcb wich has the micro and cache chips on it. But then how I would atach de HSF, I wondered... And then the happy idea: I made 4 holes on my HSF just to fit the ones on the micro's pcb, and I screwed it with 4 screws directly on the pcb, with some termal compound on the core. I used a big magnifiying glass in order to see the proper contact of the core, but nothing sure, of course. Then I put the modded monster on the mobo, plug all the connectors, and power the computer on. There was no beep, no POST, no screen at all, but a crackling noise. I turn it off and smell, and luckily there was no smoke there, so I put it again on the mobo, and tried again. The computer then worked fine! I couldn't believe it so I began to test it and I reached 800MHz without reaching 50C! I was really happy then so I left thing as they were...
6 months later I sold the mobo/memory/micro combo and AFAIK it's working ok!! I just can't believe my luck! (and my madness!)

After this athlon story, I decided to go towards Thunderbird, and I purchased a Socket Thunderbird 1000 with the AMD-cerified standard HSF, and it was so damn good that it worked below 36C. Then I unloked it and got a Vulcano HSF (it was really big!!) and I got 1400MHz working about 45C. No problem until now, but I had to go on playing... I borrowed a friend's Taisol, and here begun the party... When I removed the Vulcano, I heared a little *Crack* and I got REALLY afraid... I prayed all I knew while I mounted the Taisol, and my prayers seemed to work 'cause it worked. 3C above my vulcano, but it worked. Then I returned to the vulcano, but when I was removing the Taisol, I heared a much-louder CRACK. I shouted OHMYGODNONOPLEASENO!!! while I looked at my core... It has a corner completly cracked, but it seemed not to affect the whole core, so I keep my faith and tried the vulcano: It worked! And it's working for a month now, without a glich! I feel so damn lucky now that I won't change my HSF until doomsday...

Conclusion: I won't play again with HSF in such a risky way...

10-09-02, 11:12 AM
I am making this submission on behalf of my borther.

He had purchased an MSI motherboard, an ADM 1.2 Ghz Tbird, and a new case for it. HE and I were putting all of the conponents into the computer, but it wouldnt boot at and would beep at us. We kept unpluggin the HDD, and the flppy and CD-rom. reseating the meory and vedeo car.. I mean everything. WE had it on the floor opened up, and had just reseated the memory, CPU, and verified the power switch was plugged ino the motherboard properly. This was after about an hour of toiling with it. This time it booted up to CMOS, and started the memory test, we were like ecstatic , we like high fived eachother, and rocked the table a bit ... His monitor fell right off the corner, the top side fell into the case, striking the heatsink and forcing it to smash the core of the cpu apart, and also broke the socket the CPU sits in, ruining the motherboard as well. Man we were pissed, so mad I tell you, im sure he still gets upset if I bring it up.

10-09-02, 11:31 AM
Mine is the story of a $500+ HSF. (thanks ThermalTake!!). it all started when i decided to upgrade from a K6-2 450 (running at 500 of course) to a Duron 1300.

i purchased the CPU and motherboard (GigaByte GA-7VRX). the CPU ran me $110, the board $140 at the time. i installed the new hardware and a generic HSF and all was good. but, like any avid computer enthusiast, i had to overclock it. so i delved into unlocking the Duron, and managed to get it to run a 133bus. but the CPU temp had gone up quite a bit, so i ran to my local computer store and purchased the newest best HSF they had. it was a ThermalTake Volcano 7+ ($35). forgot to look for a shim at the store. i installed the new HSF and everything was still ok. but the HSF has a temperature sensor on it, which is nowhere near the CPU, so i disassembled the system again and crammed the temp probe into the depths of the HSF. upon reinstalling the HSF, my screwdriver slipped (a few times). i think the clip had become bent, but i ended up stabbing the MoBo, etc. i pressed the On button. it booted up, but didnt detect any of my drives. Reset. the screen was blank... something was wrong. so i removed the CPU and the HSF. sure enough, my CPU core was chipped badly. so i ran out and purchased a Duron 1200 ($100) and put it in.. still nothing. i tried a friends CPU. nothing. the motherboard was toast too.

so i ran out and bought a ECS K7S6A ($100). i put the Duron 1200 (carefully) in the board with the generic HSF and everything ran fine. later that week, a friend needed my assistance (im a certified techie) with his CPU. his Windows (98 and XP) installation was crashing. after all other ideas had failed, we decided to check his CPU. i removed mine and placed it in his motherboard. Windows installed successfully. we re-installed his CPU and disabled the L2 cache and re-ran the install. it worked, indicating he had damaged or cooked the cache on his CPU (Athlon XP 1700). when it came time to put my CPU back in, i couldnt help but use the ThermalTake HSF again. I CRACKED THE FRICKING CORE!! destroyed the MoBo again!!

so, after waiting till i had money again (a month later), i purchased an Athlon XP 2000 ($100), MSI KT3 Ultra2 ($125), and ThermalTake Volcano 9 ($25). the Volcano 9 has a redesigned clip on it. everything went well, and im never screwing with it again. i promise.

in retrospect, a shim might have saved me a lot of time and money. i had never destroyed a single CPU in my life before this, and certainly never will again. i guess the lesson to be learned is this: upgrading is exciting, but take your time. take the necessary precautions. use the proper tools and hardware. and if anyone should need Duron Keychains, i have a couple now.

10-09-02, 12:03 PM
Originally posted by Clock
and if anyone should need Duron Keychains, i have a couple now.

What would you want for one of 'em? I never saved any of my fried CPU's and I really want an Athlon or Duron keychain to call my very own. :)

10-09-02, 12:22 PM
i dont want much. enough cash to cover the shipping. maybe a few bucks just for sympathy. i havent drilled the hole for a keyring, but i can. all the pins are straight (one of the CPU's is still in the toasted MoBo). in fact, it's still got that stupid Volcano 7 on it.

maybe if i'd saved my receipt(s) and had a credit card i could have gotten some of my money back. since that wont happen, i'd be pleased just to see someone enjoy the dead chip. if you're seriously interested, email me at pearlisfat@yahoo.com

also, if there are any Cyrix lovers, i have a cooked 6x86 PR266+ i'd love to give to a good home. though u can prolly get the cyrix for 3 bucks at a PC Supply store.

10-09-02, 12:38 PM
Check yer e-mail. ;)

10-09-02, 05:03 PM
The worst experience I ever had with chipping or cracking a CPU core wasn't even caused by myself.

I was getting involved with a woman who was in the process of getting out of the same apartment as her ex boyfriend of 4 years. I set her up with a cheap system with a Duron 1.3ghz I had, using an Antec CPU fan I found at CompUSA. This only had a center copper piece for the CPU die, with no support outside this. I knew it wasn't the safest design, but I managed to get it on with no trouble and it worked fine for a week.

A week later while she was gone, her ex-boyfriend decided he was jelous of her computer, and pulled it apart, swapped his 128meg DIMM for her 256, and tried to steal the CPU too until he figured out it wouldn't fit in his K6-2 motherboard.

Needless to say, we tried to boot it up when I was over there, and all it did was beep. Pulling it apart I realized what had been taken, and went and got the old RAM back. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to boot.

I took it home, and pulled the CPU fan off, and noticed some shiny flakes around the CPU die. Looking closer, I could see chunks taken off the side of the CPU die. It was obvious that someone had removed the CPU fan and re-applied it incorrectly. To boot, it had had one of those lame little plastic things that melts to become the "heat sink compound", and of course if you remove it and re-apply it, you have to put some real compound on it. So even if it had been ok despite the chipping, it would have baked itself in short order, no doubt. You can see the chipping in the attached picture of it.

Her ex refused responsibility, I kept the computer at my place until she moved out, and put my old 1.4ghz Athlon in it and bought a 1700+ for my main machine to replace it. Thank god CPUs are cheap these days! I never used the Antec fan again, prefering something with more support than just the CPU die.

Too bad the woman dumped me two months later...


10-09-02, 06:39 PM
Lets all sit down and I'll tell you a story.

When my sister in law and her family moved up from Missouri, they lugged along this old Gateway or Dell system that was way past it's last leg. It was a pentium 100 in this time and age (We threw it in the dumpster about 2 months ago, go figure).

Anyway this system died from massive cpu failure (it's a pentium, blah!), so we went pouring over ads and somesuch until we found an Fry's barebone system, which consisted of a 1.2GHz duron, a Soyo K7ADA motherboad, and case, all for a bargin price of 129 bucks. (Never again! But read on to see why!)

After wrestling with the $#%@* barebone for a few days, i wound up giving them my case and FIC motherboard (I kept my 950 TBird, they kep the 1.2GHz duron), they also kept the (as we found out soon enough) crappy AMD cooling fan, and 512 megs of sdram, in exchange i took their case, 128MB DDR and motherboard (I found a MSI KT3Ultra at a local discount computer shop), and proceeded to build my system: It worked fine.

Just peachy.

Now to the point of the story: About a month or so ago, my sister in law called to let me know her new system was freezing up: They reboot, the system's fine for approximately 5 minutes, then it freezes. I went over, checked things over, browsed through the BIOS to make sure their teenaged sons didnt mess with anything, then lugged the thing back to my place to update windows, figured it was a bad/corrupted driver somewhere. (I have dsl, they have AOHell). Sure enough, it froze just before the updates completed, so I had the thing reboot, and on a whim, i went into the BIOS to check the cpu temp.


I ripped the side of the case off and saw the cursed AMD cooling fan not working. Everything else worked but that fan. I realized then what the problem was but alas I lacked the funds to buy a new cooling fan for a few days. So I took the system back to her house (Bad mistake!), told them what the problem was, and warned them not to use the computer until I replaced the cooling fan that coming friday (This was then Monday or tuesday).

She signed on AOL the next day to email a resume, and then her husband brought home a new mouse (He's an expert on car stuff, and frequently pray to whomever above to forgive my sins and trespasses: OK, so I didnt turn my brake rotors when I put new pads on!), and he replaced the mouse. The next day I went over to pick up the kid (they're the babysitter as well.. Since she isnt working and is seeking a job), there I saw, the frikkin' computer on. Then, wham, it froze, and the SOB then plops behind the system, replaces the mouse, and wonders why the damn thing wasnt working. I told him it wasnt working because the CPU is overheating and if they continued this they were going to destroy the thing, and warned them to stay off the $!@#%$ computer until I got their new cooling fan the next day. They promised. (They lied!)

The next day I stopped by with a new thermaltake volcano 6CU+, and chewed them out for running their computer again. In all this I was amazed that the CPU took so much abuse and prayed it will continue to run.

After waiting for the thing to cool down, I applied new thermal paste, plopped the new cooling fan on, and turned the system on, only to see a puff of smoke.

After trying to get the frikkin' thing to run, i finally removed the cooling fan and saw black specks on the thermal paste, the cpu core cracked.

Some people just dont listen.

After a few days I decided I was sick of my slow 950Tbird, brought myself an XP1700+ and gave them the tbird.

Since then both systems worked fine.

BTW, anyone want a soyo K7ADA motherboard? :D

Added on after the post: The CPU/Fan combo was retail, however we couldnt RMA it back cuz my sister in law asked if she should keep the packaging the cpu/fan came in. I said, "Nah!"

Now I'm gunna keep all my packagings close, and the reciepts closer!