View Full Version : The 5950 bios flash

03-26-04, 01:21 AM
I have a Gainward 5900 1200/XP Golden Sample w/ VIVO. If I flash to a 5950 bios, I lose VIVO. The thing is, the TV-out works while the booting computer is booting but then when it gets to the Windows XP welcome screen it stops working. If I start in safe mode it clones the desktop to the TV-out. I have tried the BFG 5950 bios, the Gainward 5950 bios (e400), and the Ledtek bios. The BFG works the best out of the 3 so far. I have tried changing the sub-device IDs on the roms to match the ID of my card, reinstalling WDM drivers and 56.64 drivers. Telling it that it isn't detecting my TV doesn't help anything either. Any more ideas?

I only gain 200 points or so in 3dmark03 if I go to the 5950 bios (5900 OC vs. 5950 OC). But, I like how much cooler the vid card runs with the 5950 bios. Also, I have a Zalman video card cooler with fan on the way. I would think that the 5950 bios would give more OCing possibilites but I'm not sure. I use my VIVO (TV-out) everyday and can't lose it. Should I just stick with the 5900 bios since I can't get a 5950 bios to work with VIVO?

03-26-04, 06:49 AM
If VIVO is something you use every day, then you should revert back to your old BIOS. Besides, I think those temperature readings with the new BIOS are false. If a card is getting more voltage and running at a higher clock speed, why would it be reporting a cooler temperature?