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03-26-04, 06:59 AM
I am in the market for a new Nvidia Geforce FX and i was looking at the 5900xt but when comes down to i can buy a Nvidia Geforce 5700 or Geforce 5600xt for cheap. But what want to know is which card do you think is better?


03-26-04, 07:31 AM
5700! nv36 is much more capable than nv31. It has 3 VS units compared to 1 on the nv31 and the Pixel pipeline is much improved over nv31. The Nv36 also has the ultrashadow featureset.

03-26-04, 07:41 AM
5700 non-ultra and overclock the bejesus out of it!

03-26-04, 07:59 AM
Wow, this question comes up a LOT.....

5700 if you like a great price/performance,

5600XT if you like slow performance/cheap

03-26-04, 11:08 AM
chevyman where have you been? Thougt you fell off a cliff or something!! :D

btw, yes, get a 5700NU and OC the bejeesus out of it... great card for the money, I had one for a bit and found it to be a very nice piece of hardware... it felt much more stable in FPS than a 5600U even though it had slower ram....

03-26-04, 12:56 PM
No I haven't fell off a cliff. I have been really busy with school and work RAGEJG. Well appreciate the help. It is really hard trying to chose a good video card.

03-26-04, 01:08 PM
I put my foot in and suggest better of all three Radeon 9800Pro :D

03-26-04, 02:21 PM
I'll sell you my e-vga 5700u for 110usd and shipping, if you are interested. It's been in the rig in my sig, and treated like a baby.

03-26-04, 07:10 PM
neither the 5700 or 5600XT perform anywhere near what you can get out of the 5900xt (haven't heard of anyone not getting near 5900u performance or better when oc'd). spend a few extra bucks, you'll get alot more out of the 5900xt than you will the other cards.

03-26-04, 10:18 PM
true, but that 5700U for 110 is a scarily tempting deal for the money...

03-26-04, 10:58 PM
$110 for a 5700U is the best deal going. :)

03-27-04, 12:54 AM
Guys, I am on the east coast in the US, Virginia to be exact.

I sent PMs to those that contacted me.

03-27-04, 01:39 PM

You should read this first before deciding on what card to buy. (mag)

03-27-04, 02:03 PM
Nice find Hunter32! NVNews has a 5700U from Inno3D coming that has the new GDDR3 ram. Sounds like this new ram may yet provide another factor in the new cards coming out. Can't wait to get my hands on one! Should be here next week. :)

03-27-04, 02:16 PM
I don't want to wait for the Nvidia 5700U w/ GDDR3. I don't see any change in the framerates.

03-27-04, 02:30 PM
I bought my card retail at Best Buy. Here is a link over at New Egg of the exact same gfx card.


03-27-04, 05:40 PM
Chevyman_02, you are right about framerates. GDDR3 will not give significant increase in framerates over the DDR2 equipped cards, at least, not enough to keep me waiting if I was ready to buy a new card.

03-27-04, 06:43 PM
GDDR3 may facilitate better O/C potential.....but these days O/C is moot as the speeds speced from IHVs are so high and when u o/c u dun get more than 10%-20% O/C from default...unless u overclock with water, phase cooling or liquid nitrogen. 20% of 30 fps how much? :D

03-27-04, 06:51 PM
The conclusion took the words right out of my mouth. You do not want to buy a 5700 Ultra when the FX5900XT (or SE, but now NVIDIA stopped making the SE core) The 5900XT have a faster memory, better everything practically. And if you wanted to overclock the 5700 and say "Well now its the same as the 5900" I won't understand you. Everyone always suggests this. Why not just buy the 5900, and overclock it PAST what you planned to overlock the 5700? Anywho, I'd say shell out the extra 10-20 bucks and buy a new 5900XT from NEW EGG


P.s. Shoot for the MSI one. Its the best Xt I've seen so far (and it has to be true if I'm saying that opposed to claiming the version I have is the best) You can get a refurbished on NEW EGG for 140. Or if you wanted to get the cheapest XT possiblem, go Chaintech. Not much difference, maybe 1-2 fps between the two

03-27-04, 07:20 PM
i would love to get a refurb 5900xt.. or even the 130ish 9700pros...can never find one in stock tho :(

need a card badly, but don't want to spend too much right now with the new ones so close to being available.