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03-27-04, 02:02 PM
Recieved it a day ago , 2 CDs' a bit advertisement and a Manual Book.

Game is a mix of 2d world 3d characters similar to Diablo 1/2 but mutch more detailed best clone so far. You get camera to zoom in zoom out very neat , also item management and potion selection is so mutch easyer then Diablo , not to mention doing quest is a breez or finding them that is , there is compas like main arrow who shows you direction of main quest and smaller blue one for sub quest :D you also got Big map of the world witch is HUGE realy realy big ;) , middle mouse button bring semi main map with close up on your location very usefull similar to Diablo transperent map , antialiasing works great on this game just need to enable FSAA Filter in Options.

There are several characters with they unique abilitys they all start in they own place with few different sub quest but as far as i can tell continue on same main story , big spoil is do not run from main mission to main mission without completeing all smaller quest in town or exploring a bit or else you will loose lotsa fun :D

Oh enviromental effects are present in game Day/Night/Fog/Rain , esspecialy noticable when playing with Vampiress as it affects here ability to fight at night and day ! other then that its nice eye kandy.

People in towns and your own characters talk and make jokes along while you play if you pay attention you get a good laugh out of it also , funny death messages on graves and sutch ;)

Feeling of the game is different then Diablo more RPG or so i think but still basicly monster smashing , one interesting thing you can buy a horsy :D (kngt) its cheap and you can equip it a bit also ride faster you get some pros and few cons with it, one dissapointing thing was your companions are assigned in futher quest without ability to get ride of them or buy additional ones like in Diablo 2 but once they die they resurect them selfs :retard:

Also armor and resistence is handled mutch better then diablo if you get your armor high in Physical damage thats good vs sword or other meele damage but you woun't be protected from fire , poison , magic damage , i had to bring secondary set of armor to fight a Dragon :flame: !

Also seems to have different difficulty seting starting is Bronze and you can select Silver but its alot harder died several times in beginning maybe gold or harder get unlocked later dunno.

Haven't playd it online yet but as for single player experiance its a blast of fun :thumbsup:

03-28-04, 10:41 AM
agreed....!it is very addictive