View Full Version : MAX AGP Rate showing as x2 for OS

03-27-04, 05:35 PM

Just enabled the 'coolbits' and AGP settings in my Forcware 56.64 drivers
Card is Gainward FX5950 128MB.
BIOS is set to 8X

It shows
GPU as 8x
Chipset as 8X
Optimal as 8x

But the OS is only showing 2x

Ive tried reinstalling the chipset drivers (i875) for my ABIT IC7-G board, but its still the same.

Ive noticed my 3dMark score is down... so Im presuming its this.



03-27-04, 05:55 PM
It has always been like that for me.
I guess it is the way it should be...

03-27-04, 07:18 PM
I have the same problem, turns out its just a glitch, it seems almost all 875 chips have this little problem. Seems like its a hit and miss type thing on windows installations, one install its 8x the next its not. I've checked my os agp other ways and it says it at 8x. As for the 3DMark score, on my old board (asus p4g8x deluxe) overnight it suddenly went down by about 3000 marks! (from 7000) I then checked all my settings, first i had AA and AF set too high. ALSO i checked my processes and had some odd things running such as spyware. So you should check those things out. When you run the mark go to the task manager and end all the processes that 3DMark doesnt use (unless its windows required or a tweaking utility, this includes all antivirus programs (norton dropped my score 500 marks :retard: )
Good luck

03-28-04, 02:44 PM
Use something like WhatCPU or CPU-Z to determine actual AGP setting....