View Full Version : A7n8X Onboard sound setup help please.

03-28-04, 06:50 AM
I have the A7N8X Asus motherboard, its the delux version, revision 2.

Im using the latest 3.13 system drivers and im trying to setup my sound.

I have 5.1 audio using Creative Inspire speakers

Theres 6 channels, Front left, center, front right, rear left, rear right and the bass speaker.

They are connected via 3 audio jacks, each with 2 channels, the front left and right are on one jack, the rear left and right are on another jack and the center and bass are on the 3rd jack. At the back of the computer theres 5 audio jack sockets to pick from, which are line in, stereo out, microphone, rear speakers and center/LFE speakers.

Now i can setup my system fine i put the center/bass plug into the microphone socket, the front left and right in the normal stereo socket and the rear speakers in the line in sockets, then with the speaker setup wizard in the control panel options for sound i can tick 2 boxes which specifily to use the line in socket and the microphone socket for these connections, and all seems to work fine.

But i only have a audio jack microphone, not a usb or whatever, so i need that microphone socket. So i untick the use microphone box in the wizard setup and switch it to the correct plug on the motherboard. But when its setup it doesnt work correctly, it sounds like the bass and center speaker channel are switched over when it play the test sound.

Does anyone know if theres a way to get everything working correctly, there has to be a certain configuration somewhere in the setup which can get my 5.1 sound AND my microphone working. Or maybe theres a file i can edit somewhere which contains the settings, like a config file, and ini maybe. IF anyone can help at all or can shed any light on the subject i'd be very greatful, thanks.


03-28-04, 07:11 AM
you need 6 channels to get 5.1, each stereo minijack has 2 channels. Therefore unless you have 4 jacks you can't have 5.1 and mic in, however if you have a hometheater system that is older you can hook it up with dolby prologic sound encoding thru one minijack, and have 2 left over one for? and the mic input.

03-28-04, 07:15 AM
theres 5 jacks on the motherboard

i just saw an option for alternative microphone and ticked that and tried it but it doesn't seem to work in any of the 5 jacks.


The option to use the mic socket and the line in socket is for people that want 5.1 but dont have the revision of the board that has all 5 jacks (that only has 3) that allows you to subsitute them sockets for audio out.

The standard way you're supposed to use it, is have your rear left and right speakers plugged into the rear/left and right socket and the center/bass plugged into the center/bass socket. But as i said that works but the sounds for the center and the bass dont work correctly, they only work correctly when i subsitute the mic sockets and plug it in there.

03-28-04, 07:28 AM
Hmm i've worked out that the 2 channels on the jack arent swapped around, the bass sound is played slightly with each test for each speaker, so all thats happening is that the center speaker just insnt playing when its in there.

The center speaker works fine normally in the mic socket when you select that to be used as the center channel so it cant be the speaker or the actual cable.


and i know the center speaker jack on the motherboard is giving out the center speaker sound during the test because if i plug any other speaker in there i get the center speaker test sound, just through the wrong speaker...

This doesn't make any sense...