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03-29-04, 12:54 PM
OK heres the problem. Ive downloaded the latest drivers (56.64) and my system freezes or goes to a black screen or restarts (windows generates a report stating its a "Driver Stuck Thread" caused by the nv dll).

So i being to modify the bios (updated to the latest bios).
Changed the AGP Aperture Size to 256MB.
Set the AGP Strength to FFh.
Disabled AGP Fast Write, Video Cacheable etc.
Bought a true PSU 460w.

In windows i have disabled the "write combining" option.

Yet the system still hangs, ive used the following drivers, 44.03 to 56.64, reformatted my hard disk several times. Yet this problem exists.

Can anyone please help me, in how i can solve this problem.

This is my computer spec:
MS Windows XP Pro SP1
Dual AMD Athlon MP 2400+
1GB PC2700 RAM
120GB Hard Disk
Nvidia Leadtek GeForce FX 5600
Soundblaster Live 5.1 Soundcard
DA-EDI Soundcard (used for music production)
460W Enhance PSU (this PSU is designed for SMP boards)

Quick Note: All drivers are uptodate (soundcard, AGP mini port etc).

Thank you.

03-29-04, 02:14 PM
Try one or more of the following things:
AGP Apeture should be 32/64/128MB... 256 is too much.. especially because most of the time you won't need that much memory to store excess textures.. lower is "better" to some extent... see what works for YOU though
AGP Strength = leave it on the default or Auto (if that's an option)
AGP Fast Write - almost useless, probably better off for performance (and/or stability), on if you WANT it on...
I doubt write combining is the prob... (it should be left on unless you have instability with it on)

I suspect the AGP Apeture is the root issue... as too much is a waste... and can cause instability... AGP strength is the next important issue... you should really leave it at default (setting it too high or too low causes probs)

03-29-04, 05:34 PM
Ive set the agp lat timer back to the standard setting, disabled Fast Write, enabled the combining in xp and set the aperture size to 128mb.

The problem still occurs, eg, when i start to type in ms word, the system locks, then goes to a black screen then returns back to the desktop (after a couple of seconds) then the system freezes completely and i have to do a hard reset.

What else can i do?

03-29-04, 08:11 PM
The title of your thread is "Infinite Loop Problem" but you don't mention you are getting an error message regarding infinite loops. Do you get a BSOD or a message regarding infinite loops? If you are, I wonder if you have done anything with your RAM lately? I have heard many times issues like this are the result of a bad stick of RAM. If you have two sticks, try taking one out and see if you still have the problem. Or reverse their order.

03-30-04, 10:05 AM
When the system restarts, windows generates a report stating that the nvidia driver caused the problem (nv4_disp.dll i think). i don't get any BSOD.

I checked other forums about this, and they all say its a infinite loop problem. Ive checked microsoft site and they say its "STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER" (see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q293078).

04-01-04, 09:19 PM
Try running the computer without sblive in it....

I had the same problem with a dual cpu setup too, fixed it by upgrading to audigy :/

*hugs the loop* :screwy:

04-03-04, 05:32 AM
I took out the sound card, but the problems occured, even when i start to type in word 2003 (after a few minutes) the system freezes, black screen appears for a few seconds, then the desktop appears with word (everything goes back to normal), when i close (exit) word the system freezes for a minute then everything goes back to normal.

This happens with other programs as well.

i've had enough, is there anything else i can do? if not im going to buy a ati radeon 9800 pro.

Note: all software(drivers, agp miniport etc) are up-to-date.

Thanks to every1 who has replied.

04-03-04, 12:39 PM
Well... the infinite loop is also caused by bad RAM... I presume you have 2 sticks of RAM.... you should test them out.

04-03-04, 05:58 PM
i took out the ram, and put in one 512mb dimm from my server. the same problem occured.

all the ram dimm's are compatible.

04-22-04, 09:29 AM
My computer has the same stats and the same problem. Maybe it is a hardware problem or a software setting needs to be changed. Either way I still do not know whats up. Stats are as follows:
Thunder K7x MB (dual proccesor)
2x 2.4 GHz processors Athlon MP
GeForce 5600 vid card
Soundblaster Live 5.1 Soundcard
120 GB ultra ATA harddrive
running MS Windows XP Pro(fully updated)

if anyone knows what is wrong i would be very interested to recieve an email at
mrocket1@aol.com subject heading Your Computer Problem

04-22-04, 09:32 AM
When I get home I will post the exact error messages. There are 2-3 of them Mabe that will help

The Hip
04-24-04, 04:10 PM
Did you try to disable "hardware acceleration"?
(Control Panel -> Display -> Advanced -> Troubleshooting)

*If* it works with the HW acceleration disabled - you have a broken Graphics card.

Also you could try to lower the AGP setting to 2x

And set the AGP Strength to DAh / EAh