View Full Version : Free Ride Extreme (in mafia)

10-08-02, 04:49 PM
finished the complete single player of mafia...now i have 19 missions in free ride extreme upon which i need help on the 1st one....what is the best strategy to catch speedy gonsalez? do i find a shorter route with my car and cut him off? do i just have to find the fastest car?( and if yes where is it at?)..there is no way the car right in front at the begining is gonna catch him without a shortcut. anyone firgured this out yet? please help.

10-08-02, 06:45 PM
try this link: http://www.lut.fi/~huhtinie/Mafia/freerideextrememissions.html

I actually came from the other side and let him run into me :p

10-09-02, 08:26 AM
heck i didnt have to kill him, while i was chasing him around he headed for the bridge, and a truck found him and took him out for me.:D

10-09-02, 11:04 AM
The drivers AI in this game is so lame :mad: they honk and crash you, they don't mind getting shot and always in your way

at least you found one good use to it :)