View Full Version : Point release 1.32 for Quake 3 is out

10-08-02, 08:47 PM
It looks like it has a built in Punkbuster for all you losers out there =)


10-08-02, 10:01 PM
I still get Wrong OpenGL version on windows xp.

10-09-02, 11:20 AM
Have you tried another driver set to see if that clears the problem up?


10-09-02, 12:16 PM
That's a weird error. 1.31 is working beautifully on both my machines. I wish this download wasn't 20+ megs or else I'd snag it. iD needs to come out with a release that's to upgrade from 1.31 only for those of us still suffering on dialup. :(

10-09-02, 09:34 PM
I also hate the fact that they dont have and upgrade instead of a full patch :rolleyes:

Atleast they have punkbuster integrated now :D

10-09-02, 09:47 PM
I actually cant complain about the upgrade since my cable is very nice to me..:D :D :D

10-09-02, 10:20 PM
Originally posted by !plonk*
I actually cant complain about the upgrade since my cable is very nice to me..:D :D :D

I used a full update patch. Get it at 3dgamers.com.:D

10-10-02, 05:02 AM
Got mine......is it me, or did the game get slower? :confused:

10-10-02, 08:16 AM
I have not installed it because of the same thing others have said. :)
I will install it soon.

10-10-02, 10:07 AM
I'm getting an invalid CD key error with the new patch. But that could be because I lost my original copy (the only game I've ever misplaced) and am using a downloaded version. But there are no bugs I've experienced.

10-10-02, 10:33 AM
Keys are easy to find. Just go to google and find anything you need..... :D

10-10-02, 11:43 AM
It does not work the new server auth is fairly good. I sold my quake 3 cd to some lass who did not have a good internet connection so would not be able to play it online. Only problem is that i have all of my files on the harddrive.... and it keeps saying my pak3 files are incorrect.

Need to get around that or find some1 elses cd and fix it. Plus the NOCD patch if you use it the servers do not authtenciate you.

Hope full the mod servers are not that bad.

Any 1 know any counter-strike type games for quake 3. (hmmm e 3):rolleyes:

10-10-02, 12:01 PM
Funny, cuz I have the no cd patch and a serial that I've been using since the game came out, and I've never had a problem at all. I've been playing with the same serial and have upgraded to every PR for the last 3 yrs or so..... *shrug*

10-10-02, 12:16 PM
It seems slide-jumping is gone. Anyone know where to get speed-DLLs for this release?

10-10-02, 12:22 PM
I keep my q3key file backed up so every time I install the game, I just plop it into my baseq3 directory, apply the latest point release, fire it up and I'm good to go.

10-10-02, 12:39 PM
may be i should try installing the game... right now i have all the stuff from the cd copied to some format and i am running that.

As for serialz, I am sure that 1.32 checks your online registration.
I just downloaded Navy Seals for Quake 3, i'll give it a try maybe tonight.


10-10-02, 12:42 PM
I can't even remove the update now, I guess I will just go on a deleting spree.:D