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Kev Payne
10-09-02, 12:28 AM
For Sale:

P4 1.6 Gig
Abit Motherboard
448 MB SDRam
20 Gig Western Digital Hard Drive 5400 RPM
20 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive 5400 RPM
8x Philips CDR-W
16x LG DVD Drive
ATI Radeon 8500 64MB Video Card
19" NEC Accusync 90
10/100 Nic
Windows XP
Office XP

Games Include:

Unreal Tournament 2003
NHL 2003
Diablo II
Jedi Knight II

PM me, Make Offer.

10-09-02, 12:56 AM
Parting out?? price on one of them hdd?

10-09-02, 12:58 AM
Yeah, how much for the monitor? I'd hate to put out an offer and really seem like a cheap idiot,:D

Kev Payne
10-09-02, 01:32 AM
really a package deal, so make any kind of offer.

10-11-02, 11:46 AM

10-11-02, 11:59 AM
Why don't you try selling it on Ebay? Like this ppl will get to see how it looks like (esp. the monitor).