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10-09-02, 02:12 AM
I have a Ausu 7700 Delux (GeForce 2 GTS) and am running the latest nvidia drivers on XP. When i try and run any capture software it doesn't detect any devices. Is this because i have an asus video card i am unsure if they have a diffrent video capture chipset? Video-Out works fine. I don't want to switch the drivers to the asus ones as asus no longer seem to be supporting the card. The drivers haven't been updated in at least a year or 2 and the ftp links to them are broken also. I know the device works as i was able to do it befoure hawever that was probally with the asus driver under window ME. I might try the RivaTV driver for my linux instillation some more.

10-09-02, 05:33 AM
latest driver or not, the Detonators donot include the video capture driver. That's a seperate download called Nvidia WDM.

here's the latest WDM, ver 1.19:

10-09-02, 07:28 AM
Thanks that would probally be why its not working :p