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04-02-04, 08:04 AM
Well I had a friend who bought parts and put them together. He wanted me to plug in the firewire and USB stuff for the front panel (of case) so I did it. Then he turned it on and it worked. Anyway I noticed it was not running at the correct cpu speed, so I looked in the bios and set it to the correct speed but it stayed slow. So I tried the dipswitches and set them at the correct speed, but I was going out of the country the next day and had to leave it at that (even tho it still didn't change the speed).

Thereafter he called gigabyte and they told him there was a switch to enable it to go the right speed. So he switched it and supposedly it worked, but then it died. He took it to a shop and they told him the MB was dead but processor was good. So he returned the MB but in the process had to take out the cpu and he Tried to unscrew it! Breaking pins off and bending them all up. Then I come home and he wants me to put it back together but he didn't tell me he broke any pins off. I put it all together and try to drop the CPU but it doesn't fit. So I notice they are all bent and start the painstaking process of straightening them with tweezers. Then I notice one is missing after about 30 minutes, and ask he goes "Oh yeah I knew but I figured it didn't matter" :lol2: :kill:

So anyway now he is trying to see if AMD will give him a new processor since it has the 3 year warranty... ah well

04-02-04, 08:06 AM
*sigh* n00bs... :rolleyes2:

ppl like that should only touch the mouse/kb.

04-02-04, 09:25 AM
People like that should buy a Dell. Dude.

04-03-04, 12:01 AM
Rofl I see this stuff everyday:) Guaranteed AMD will reject it.