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10-09-02, 06:47 PM
from an earlier question I've determined that I want to purchase a gf4 ti4200.... only problem is I only have an Athlon T-Bird 1200 w/ 512mb pc133 ram... (currently 32mb gf2 mx card)

will I see a big performance boost/framerates if I upgrade to a gf4 4200ti or will the new card suffer greatly from the cpu I have....... I really only play sports/racing games

assuming it will work okay... with my cpu would the 64mb ti4200 card be okay or would the 128mb card be much better

I don't mind spending the money if the performance I will gain from my current card will be worth it...if not I don't really want to waste my money

10-09-02, 08:45 PM
Yes, a GF4 Ti4200 will work great with an Athlon TBird 1.2 ghz. A TBird 1.2 ghz is not all that slow, I have one running now in another computer oc'ed to 1.35 ghz and it rocks.

Yes, you will see an amazing difference in performance and picture quality. Like night and day difference from GF2 MX. Heck, you'd see a big difference just upgrading to a GF2 GTS.

I would get the 128 meg card for future games. The little extra cost is worth it.

On your system, upgrading to a GF4 Ti4200 is definitly worth the money. DEFINITLY :D

10-09-02, 08:54 PM
Amd Athlon 1.2 ghz system on K7T Turbo-R mobo, 256 megs PC150:

1) With a Visiontek GF2 GTS (Which is faster than your card) gets 3D Mark 2001SE score of 3400 or so

2) Same system with Visiontek GF3 Ti200 gets 3D Mark 2001SE score of about 6200 :eek:

3) Your system with same processor, extra 256 megs of ram, and GF4 Ti4200 128 meg card would get an even higher score than that, probably some where around my score using an Athlon XP and DDR memory (just under 8000 3D Marks), or possibly higher!

:D Enjoy your new video card!

10-09-02, 09:06 PM
They have a nice Albatron GF4 Ti4200 128 meg card for $153 bucks!

10-10-02, 02:17 AM
I just made the same jump on my anthlon 1.333 going from the gefarce2mx to an msi g4ti4200. there is a huge performance increase and you are able to increase a lot of the settings to max eye candy and just let the card handle it. The one time i tried 3d mark i scored over 8000 easily on it and that was with my normal background crap running like yahoo messanger, antivirus, firewall. and with barely an overclock on the card (260 core/500 mem)

10-10-02, 07:12 AM
1. Going MX to ti is a wonderful experience. You'll be pleased, even if you decide to get a GF3ti200.

2. You should be able to crack the 9000 in 3dmark barrier with a ti4200. I know, that's just a score, but that'll tell you that you CAN afford to use Quincunx AA @ 1024 with detail set to high on many games.

3. I really gotta reccommend JATON's ti series video cards. I got a ti4200 128mb w/tv out for $150! I consider this to be exceptional because of the "A3" core used on my card, which I believe to be "4200, rev B"... I've heard rumblings about the A3 core being cooler and overclocking easier. EDIT: RUMBLINGS ARE TRUE... I run (EDIT: RAN) mine @ 303/515 with stock cooling, no ramsinks (SEE EDIT), and have no stability issues. On a kt266a motherboard and a 1.33 stock tbird with my 4200, I score a 9230.


4. With a card like this, your video options wil be crank-able, but you are "a little bit" CPU limited. AI dependancy (common in sports games) is growing, and the newest generation of games is going to be asking for 1.5+ cpu's. Overclocking your CPU will give you a tiny boost in gameplay, and may allow you to turn the AI up, allowing for a more realistic feel.

10-10-02, 08:44 AM
GF2MX to a GF4TI will completely blow you away! Definetly go for it. The performance will be decent, and you could probably play UT2k3 at 640x480 resolution, but that's because of your CPU and memory. But I think it would work fine.

If you decide you wanna upgrade the system too, but dont wanna spend too much money, get an ECS K7S5A + AthlonXP 1600 for about $110us at http://www.newegg.com . It'll take the SDRAM you have now, but also has DDR slots when you're ready to upgrade later.

10-10-02, 08:55 AM
he'll be able to handle at least 800x600 quite smoothly. i have a slower 1.1ghz athlon runnin 1024x768 smoothly wit a gf2 gts with graphics turned down. a gf4 ti4200 and a 1.2 should be able to handle it with some eye candy.

10-10-02, 10:07 AM
At 1024 x 768, 32 bit color, no AA or Ansio, everything maxed and physics set to normal on a GF3 Ti200 with no problems at all.

In benchmark I get around 111 fps flyby, and 49 fps bot match.

I have a GF3 Ti200 in another system that uses regular SDRAM (256 megs Mushkin PC150) and runs a 1.2 ghz TBird oced to 1.35 ghz, and on that computer also play UT2003 demo at 1024 x 768, 32 bit color, no AA or Ansio, everything maxed and physics set to normal with no problems at all too :)

Benchmark is a little lower, with flyby around 97 fps and bot match around 35 fps, but still looks awesome and plays great.

I think on Billy's system a GF4 Ti4200 128 meg card should be able to play UT2003 at 1024 x 768, 32 bit color without any problems at all, and probably get frame rates faster than my DDR system with a GF3 Ti200 :eek:

10-10-02, 03:35 PM
After you buy your new video card, post back on how everything goes and how you like it.

I myself would upgrade to a GF4 Ti series card, but my GF3 is doing fine now and I think I want to wait till the NV30, or maybe the new Radeon but not sure. I have only had Nvidia cards since the TNT series (TNT, GF2 GTS, GF3Ti200) and they have all worked great. I still have them all too :) So I'm reluctant to try the Radeon but if the price is right who knows.

10-14-02, 10:16 AM
Hey you guys!! "640x480" for UT2K3 with a Ti4200 and T-Bird1200? Grrrr!!!

In the nicest possible way, I think you're a little too keen on upgrading to the latest systems. I run the demo on my system (specs below) and it's ALWAYS 100% playable (drops down to 25fps, I *think* - how do you switch the FPS counter on?). That's at 1024*768 with everything on full (well I turned World Detail down to Med), and some Quincunx Fun and 4X Anisotremendous Textures.

There was a genius thread about 'Still Happy With Your Thunderbird?' or something that makes the point that these systems are still viable games machines.

Please don't take this as a flame, because I love you all (and I'm not even stoned and haven't had a drink since Thursday night. wow :)).

Just don't age systems because they're over a few months old, please :)

Jeez, now I gotta post my spec :( I shoulda just made it my sig...

1GHz Athlon with a funky 266MHz FSB
Abit KT7A Mobo 1.0
512Mb PC133 SDRAM Cas2
Gainward GeForce4Ti4400 (I love it)
60gig IBM Deskstar 60GXP
SBLive 5.1 Player, DTT2200s, ADSL, DVD drive, CD writer etc
Oh - fabbo 19" Nec Multisync FE950 monitor
I think that's it. I'm upgrading to a funky purple case this week, though :D

edit: only PenguinJim is simple enough to mispell 'funky'

10-14-02, 10:05 PM
Just for reference fellas.

Athlon xp @1.6
radeon 8500LE @ 285/285
Soyo KT333
512mb PC 2100 DDRSDRAM @cas2 and Ultra
ect, ect.

ut2003 1024x768 @32bit 16xAF 2x quality AA and all settings maxed.

Flyby 123 botmatch 40

Just for a reference guys.



10-15-02, 02:59 PM
Some really good points were made regarding this class of system...

I started the "Still Gaming happily with a T-Bird" thread. Thanks for your input everyone... exactly the kind of good banter I wanted. Yes, the newest products are amazing in their abilities, but a big percentage of nVidiots have scaled back rigs, and they crank'em to get MUCH VALUE out of them. If a gaming sub-community can become known and respected for practices like those, it will allow more and more entry level users who don't know much about gaming to enter the fray with confidence...

3ghz range XTREME OVERCLOCKERS... lucky people with more resources/time/money than "1.5-2ghz range GAMERS", who have more time/money/resources than "1.1-1.6ghz VALUE GAMERS", who have more money/resources/time than "600mhz-2.4ghz CASUAL GAMERS"... who have a high turnover rate and actively buy/recycle/buy/recycle EVIL EVIL CONSOLES AND CONSOLE GAMES... jk really...

...such a huge freq. range for "casual gamers" cuz some have old, some have new, and some have Dell, which is something in between. :rolleyes:

And before somebody flames me for this, yes, I know xtreme gamers/overclockers with 800mhz Athlon Classics (Unreal 1 - heads)... but their percentage seems low enough (no offense at all) to leave out of the aforementioned spiel.

If "gamers" and "value gamers" can become 1 front, more and more "casual gamers" will actively pursue this "sport" due to ease of learning... something fostered and pushed succesfully by this merged niche market. Yes, I'm SOOOO rambling.

...Elitism and value gaming combined could bring so many more people into computer gaming AND nVIDIOCY...

For reference, my DDR T-Bird @ 1.33 gets a 9390 3dmark, and I've bitten and scratched for every piece of this iteration of my system. I'm proud of my accomplishment.