View Full Version : 40:72 Digital Vibrance problem?

10-09-02, 06:58 PM
Display properties-Settings-Advanced-Geforce Ti4600-nView Display Mode-Device Settings..... is where it should be, Right??

Well nothing happens when I click on the Device settings tab, tried many things so far, reinstalled the drivers etc but nothing.

Also neither of the two monitor boxes in that tab show any image? not sure if they are suposed too, first set of 40xx's I've tried with this "messy" new interface..........anyone know what's going on with this DV problem please.

The Baron
10-09-02, 07:00 PM
under Color Correction.

not nView.

10-09-02, 07:34 PM
Yeah I think that is the tab I'm looking, for but like said it's not there. I get to this...


....and the device settings tab at the bottom does nothing when clicked........ no other options. maybe I'm missing it but I can't find colour correction anywhere else. am I looking it the right place?

10-09-02, 07:51 PM
That's the right place, but something must have gotten messed up in your driver install. In the panel on the left, it shouldn't say "info" but "GeForce4 Ti4600."

I don't have time to post a screenshot right now. Maybe another member here can post one of what it should look like.

10-09-02, 10:19 PM
Well it's not a Ti4600, but I took a screenshot of what it looks like on my GF3 Ti200:

10-10-02, 02:09 AM
How odd, looks like something is messed up then, This is what mine look like on the same screen, notice the Geforce logo all pushed to one side going out of the window to the right.


compared to netviper13's image.....


You'd think if the drivers were corupted they wouldn't work at all, but other than this weridness they seem fine. They were downloaded from nvidia's site from the main dowload server. i'LL Try downloading them again from somewhere else I guess and see what happens, Thanks all...... :confused: