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04-09-04, 06:49 PM
I have a geforece 2 mx400 with video in and out and the green little box where u can connect inputs to...(vcr, tv, cable, svideo, video camer etc). I have a video tape and I need to get some video from the tape to my computer. Ihave the vcr pluged into compisite in and line in. When I open winDVR to capture it says 'cannot detect device. please check hardware or reinstall drivers'. I have the newest drivers and I still get this problem. Any ideas?

04-09-04, 07:06 PM
You need to install the WDM drivers available from www.nvidia.com

04-09-04, 07:06 PM
Did you install the WDM drivers?

The WDM drivers makes VIVO and TVTuners work in windows


there is a direct link for Windows XP,2000,98