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04-09-04, 09:13 PM
system specs

Northwood 1.6A (no oc on any parts in the pc)
Asus p4b266
2 256 meg sticks of Azan ram ddr pc2700 (memtests ok)
SB Live 5.1
PS's tried (Antec 303x atx,Antec 330x atx,Enermax 365p-ve,Enermax 465p-ve)
PNY Geforce fx 5600 256 mb
dlink nic 10/100
1 80 mm case fan ( antec)
LG CDRW/DVD combo drive
Maxtor d740x 60 gig
Western Digital 1200jb
Samsung 955DF
Direct x 9.0b
Windows xp home + sp1

other parts....

MSI geforce fx 5900xt (brand new)

as soon as i put the MSI 5900 in the comp it eithier doesnt boot into windows or quits after the mem test.the msi 5900 is 4 days old.the pny works fine and
is 7 months old.as soon as i put the 5600 back in its smooth sailing.yes i have the molex plug plugged into the 5900 when its installed.I tried giving it its own drop line from the different power supplys.which did nothing,occasionally itll boot into windows,and i can browse.but if i run a game it soon locks up or crashes or i get video coruption on the screen.when it wont boot all the way into windows,I get the wierdest errors !! the bios gets flushed sorta and all
the settings in the bios are set to default.it wont recognize the harddrives
some times with the 5900 in.or it'll boot but the cpu will say 0 Mhz !!?! I very
much doubt heat is an issue,as the ambient temp in the room its in,floats
around 65 f.its always cold in the computer room.agp has been set at 1x to 4x,fast writes on and off,made no difference. suggestions ??

oh,current drivers are the 56.72's

04-11-04, 09:22 AM
Do you have the XT on the same 12V drop from the psu with one of the HDDs? The XT needs to be connected to a Molex on a 12V power source line (drop) from the psu that is not connected to any drives, fans are OK.

04-11-04, 09:42 AM
what do you mean "12v drops" from the power supply ??

04-11-04, 09:44 AM
My best guess, other than the card being borked, is the good old pesky sb 5.1...

I have had a problem with every system its ever been in as far as booting up is concerned... usually it was a matter of shuffleing it around in differrent pci slots until the box would finally boot. The last system I tried putting it in is a sis 645dx based p4 1.6@2.488 with a 9800pro... wont boot no matter which pci slot is used.

I know its a stretch, but if you havent given up yet try pulling that sb live card and see what happens.

04-11-04, 09:46 AM
ok,gonna go off line for a bit and try the sb live thing,thanks for the idea,i'm
running out at the moment...brb

04-11-04, 11:29 AM
pulling the sb live did nothing,and trying the card on all four of the different
"drops" on the Enermax 465 did nada as well.i'm at a loss,and thinking the card
is fubar.arghhhhh !!!!

04-11-04, 11:32 AM
what do you mean "12v drops" from the power supply ??
Your power supply has several power supply lines, probably at least 3 with Molex connectors. The XT should be connected to a Molex on one of the lines with no drives connected to the same line the XT is connected to.