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04-10-04, 12:14 AM
ok so i was playing some black hawk down earlier today, the game was running smooth as always, but after about 2 hours of playing i decided to take a break, when i get to my desktop the little nvidia sentinel or whatever its called is up there saying that i have insufficient power to my card, so i'm like ok..and i look at my temps, i was at 120C* :firedevil hmm...so i restart my computer and i watch the fan start up and everything is all good, for about 10 min, then the same message comes up, so i opened up my case checked to make sure everything was connected, and i took the card out of the agp slot and put it back it, and all that good stuff, while i haven't gotten the error yet again, (its only been about 15 min ), i have a strange feeling it will happen again, i just got a new case, and remembered when me and my friend were hooking up the HD led's the message also came up for the graphic card power, that was about a week ago and i haven't had a problem until now, any ideas suggestion comments, all is welcome.

P.S i have a 420 watt power supply, and a raidmax scorpio 686 (i believe a 686)

04-10-04, 01:14 AM
look at the connector from the card to the fan...on my Gainward, the little beige connector holder was sliding off. I had to slide it back down. my fan was quitting altogether though.

04-10-04, 01:17 AM
Heh i know one thing my not overcloaked system beats yours by few onionmarks :p http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7627999

Maybe you need new PSU could be shortage of power i guess :confused:

04-10-04, 01:40 AM
well actually the only benchmark that is overclocked is the aquamark score, 3dmark01 and 3dmark03 might be over clocked my like 5 mhz, when i make sure this is stable i'll be sure to check :)

04-10-04, 05:11 PM
who is your power supply from? It could be quiting on you if its an el cheapo

04-10-04, 05:47 PM
hmm not sure how do i find out? it came in the raidmax scorpio case

04-10-04, 07:17 PM
You have a 420W PSU.. which one? Sweatshop made or factory made? Qtec Amps or Real Amps? Half of the PSUs don't live up to the rating they put on them over there in "Pako Pako" where they're made. Also with a high end vidcard and a high end CPU is like running a dual rig, both are using a lot of power.

I don't think that a no name 420W has enough power on the +12v rail which is where the CPU gets most of it's power and rumors (no actual data from either ATi or Nvidia) have it that the vidcard gets most of it's juice there too.

So lets put it bluntly, Antec 480W is barely coping. +12v at 24amps.
The BTX PSUs have minimum 28amps on the +12v rails.
Want a REAL PSU.. www.pcpowerandcooling.com , all you Antec guyz you're driving Honda Civics 1.6 with a Viper V8 stickers ;)

Only now with the huge power needs of the vidcards and +12v dependancy of the CPUs is the "average joe" starting to understand that the PSU is uber important and most are overrated.