View Full Version : Soundstorm: Dolby Digital 5.1 vs. Dolby Surround?

04-10-04, 11:26 PM
Hi, I have an MSI nf2 motherboard with soundstorm, I just downloaded the new audio drivers (Mixer version 1 build 431). It always seems to output to my 7.1 receiver in Dolby Digital EX mode, no matter what the content is, whether i'm playing a stereo MP3, or watching a movie using SPDIF in Dolby Digital EX. I understand that it is trying to enhance the sound by copying the signals to my rear speakers, but what happens when I have a game like Warcraft 3, which supports Dolby Surround? As I understand, the Dolby Surround is encoded in stereo, and it's up to the receiver to decode it. But how can the receiver decode this signal if the sound card is simply copying all stereo signals to the rear speakers in a Dolby Digital signal? Aren't I missing the surround effects as a result of this (unless the soundstorm is decoding Dolby Surround, which I highly doubt!) and is there any way around this? In the old version of the Mixer there used to be a checkbox to turn off the digital output, but not in this version. Any ideas?


04-11-04, 04:42 AM
The intergrated sound card sends out 5.1 signals and the decoder converts it into 7.1. Dolby Digital EX is 100% compatible with 5.1.