View Full Version : need help with 4200ti video problems

04-11-04, 02:52 PM
i'm at wit's end and would appriciate any help. i recently installed a refurbished 4200ti 8x 128 card (asustek v9280td) into my dell 4600 (p4 2.66 512 megs mem). when i first installed it, it worked beautifully but i forget which driver i was using. trying to get best performance, i tried other drivers, both from nvidia and asus. now, i get full vertical lines in my boot screen and various artifacts in my desktop. i've used driver cleanser, detonator r.i.p. and ace utilities (registry cleanser etc.) in an attempt to clear out the trash and install a properly working driver. nothing works.

please help, i'd rather not need a new card. thanks.


04-12-04, 11:30 PM
Sounds like maybe your BIOS is corrupted and you could try and Flash it. Or worse case your card is bad and either the memory or GPU is flaky.