View Full Version : What's happening to my monitor? (56k alert!)

04-11-04, 05:36 PM
This morning, when I went to boot my computer I found the left side of the screen scrunched up and bent, the letters compressed, and the right side of the screenstretched and enlarged. I have screencaps below.

This only happens in boot mode, and once I reach the Windows login everything is perfectly normal all of a sudden. Rebooting experiences the same phenomenon. This is a 19" Cornertstone p2460, which has never given me any problems before. The video card is an FIC 9800 Pro @ stock, and the power supply is a PC Power and Cooling TurboCool 510W Deluxe.

I let it sit in BIOS for 5 minutes to see if it would warm up - no dice. The image remained like this until the login screen.

04-11-04, 05:41 PM
Almost seems like the geometry settings are screwed in 80 column mode. Have you tried doing a factory reset on the monitor?

04-11-04, 06:03 PM
Look for a Video BIOS update for your card as well as a mainboard BIOS update. When I first got my ECS K7S5A a while back, sometimes I'd get graphic anomolies like that upon boot up intermittenly. Sometimes, a Video BIOS or system BIOS update fixes these issues.

If that doesn't work or turns out fruitless, I've got bad news ... the monitor's on it death throws, AshG ... sad to say! :(

When you boot up, the standard resolution is most likely 320x240 at 60Hz until you get into your OS. It's the most compatible VGA resolution from the old DOS days and all VGA monitors over the past 8-10 years can handle it. Thus, the video BIOS or your card and the BIOS of the mainboard uses that resolution for display purposes until you're well inside your OS. Perhaps some component in the monitor was defective and, after being stressed out repeatedly, it's just now starting to show? It handled it fine until it can barely handle it anymore.

You can probably find out for sure if this is true, easily enough, by installing PowerStrip. PowerStrip, I believe, can force Windows to use any resolution your monitor is capable of (even resolutions that WindowsXP doesn't "officially" support like 512x384 and lower). Use PowerStrip and set your display to 320x240 at 60hz temporarily. If you get the same banding issues immediately like you do upon boot up, it's an ill omen of things to come. That tells you that this resolution is slowly puking out and it's only a matter of time before the defective component controlling that resolution gives up completely. Once that happens, the rest of the resolutions the monitor is capable of will gradually follow as time goes on until ultimately ... *poof* ... the entire monitor is dead. :(

04-11-04, 06:25 PM
I let the monitor warm up for an hour, rebooted, and the problems were gone. Once it has time to "wake up", I don't have the issue.

Tried Power Strip, no dice. Everything works fine at all resolutions now. I'm going to leave it off overnight, then try that again in the morning.

Argh, I don't like this... cash is too tight for this to happen!

Oh! One other thing!

When it was all bent funky-like, the degauss didn't work right. Instead of getting a rapid shakedown, the screen just wobbled for a moment then "clicked" back into place. Not right at all...

04-11-04, 07:14 PM
That is definitely a bad sign if the problem disappears once it's warmed up.

04-11-04, 10:42 PM
When it was all bent funky-like, the degauss didn't work right. Instead of getting a rapid shakedown, the screen just wobbled for a moment then "clicked" back into place. Not right at all...

Sounds like it's going down the tube, or the tube is going down, or...you get the point.

04-12-04, 07:37 AM
Don't those monitors have something like a five-year warranty? You should be able to get Cornerstone/Monitors Direct to send you a pre-paid shipping label/box to send it back for replacement.

04-12-04, 03:06 PM
The problem is the refresh rate. I have the same problem and it does mean you monitor is screwed. I cannot use certain refresh rates or I get the same problem. At first It did it every once in a while then it was constant on 75mhz for me.

To make maters worse I get folding right in the middle of the screen and it wraps around the edges. It started out like yours but got worse. I will say that If I used 85Mhz or higher I do not get this problem.

I also cannot go out and buy a new monitor so I have put up with my problem or a year now.

04-12-04, 03:18 PM
5 year warranties don't seem very common. $1500 sony monitors like the GDM-F500 series never carried more than 3. :(