View Full Version : great prices on these games>>>

10-10-02, 11:32 AM
if you havent got them already...you can get (for a limited time only) these games: mo one lives forever 2 for $24.90...battlefield 1942 for $ 19.90...prisoner of war for $27.90..and an older game named "Mortyr" ( looks similiar to rtcw, but probabbly not as good as rtcw) for $0.99.....(yes that says 99 cents only) all these were posted at these prices today on this web store site which i use a lot and the shipping is usually 2 days(fed ex). ive always recevied my games without any problems. www.gogamer.com

10-10-02, 12:40 PM
Well, those are some rockin' prices.

Stay away from Mortyr though....there's a reason it's .99 cents. IT SUCKS!