View Full Version : GEFORCE 4mx 420 blurry image!!

04-12-04, 06:58 PM
went from a 15" viewsonic vg150 at 1024x768 with no problems to a 17" dell e172fp 1280x1024. At this resolution the screen is blurry! specifically there are blurry vertical stripes of 1-2 inches across the screen. Have tried the latest nvidia drivers and previous detonator drivers. Running on single screen mode.
I have seen a similar thing before when using dual mode on my viewsonic with a different nvidia card, but I can't figure out how to fix it on this monitor at this resolution. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.


04-12-04, 09:09 PM
You're running the LCD at its native resolution so that can't be it. I would say to try the DVI output, but that LCD doensn't offer it. Only thing I can suggest would be to try forcing a 75 Hz refresh rate at that resolution. Use the program Refresh Force to do it (search this forum for a download link).

Have you tried hooking up the display to another video card/computer?

04-12-04, 10:24 PM
change a card too test , and find out if your MX420 card is bad or not.

04-13-04, 11:50 PM
Took the monitor to my friends geforce 4 ti and it looiked good.
So I thought it was my video card
Switched out the card for an radeon 8500 aiw and the blurry lines remain!

What could this be, the chances of two different cards having the same problem? Could it be a mobo problem or something like that?


04-16-04, 08:14 PM
Do you have a "tracking" feature on yoru LCD display? Vertical stripes of blurriness are cured on my Apple LCDs with the Tracking-Coarse and Tracking-Fine controls.