View Full Version : kernel 2.6.4 and nforce drivers

04-13-04, 02:51 AM
I have compiled 2.6.4 kernel, and now I cannot install drivers for my NForce chipset (nvnet, nvgart and nvaudio), each time I try to run make... it returns me some odd errors...
under 2.4.23 kernel it works fine.
Distro: Slackware current (9.1)
MB: Abit NF7
Proc: AMD Burton XP 2500+
RAM: 512MB Hynix PC 400
drivers I use are newest available in drivers section of nvidia.com

P.S. driver for video card works fine, I have FX 5200, and I have used also newest driver available from nvidia.

04-13-04, 08:17 AM