View Full Version : Is the knockout punch coming...?

04-15-04, 11:47 AM

I just finished watching the Unreal3 demo and it was awesome...But, Does the fact that all the cool features they are showing off have already been shown using the ATi 9800 with the Half-Life 2 tech demo maybe scare you alittle?

Just think about it for a minute everything they are claming they can do have already been show off using the 9800 at its launch. So this leads me to believe that ATI "might" really have something good hidden.

Lastly, think like this.. 2 boxers are in the ring, one is laying quick jabs at the other. The other fighter laying back just waiting for its opening. Then when the time is right lands one big uppercut for the knockout.

Am I a ATI fanboy, somewhat, but i'm really looking forward to April 26 to see what happens.

04-15-04, 11:53 AM
*Chuckles* Well I read and post on Rage3d too,

that is the Ati fan boy site, not here. Seriously though, I am just razzing you. We have ALOT of one post wonders here lately.

I feel like a parrot, but wtf, BOTH cards will be a solid investment. I know the NV40 is, and I full expect Ati to deliver with the r420.