View Full Version : DVI-out glitch - 1600x1200 displays as 1280x1024?

04-16-04, 08:47 AM
I have this problem with the linux drivers, now I discovered that it also happens on windows.

the relevant linux-thread is here, the issue isn't resolved yet.

The windows setup is a K7s5a (sis) board, card is MSI fx5700 td128, w2k latest patchlevel.
I tried different drivers (from msi, nvidia, different versions), all have the same weird problem:

The driver says my monitor (thinkvision l200p 1600x1200) can do 1600x1200, which is correct, and I am able to switch to 1600x1200 with no problem, the os thinks all is fine, but the screen only displays 1280x1024. The image is chopped on all 4 sides (no taskbar visible)

I works on the analog port, problem only on DVI

I got it to work on linux with an old 4363 driver (which has another serious bug, so I can't use that), which proves the card/monitor combination can do DVI 1600x1200.

Same happens with any resolution above 1280x1024

any ideas? anyone got dvi 1600x1200 working on fx5700 non-ultra?

I haven't been able to get any help from msi (no response). Some people replied to my linux thread (thanks!), unfortunately with ideas I already tried and didn't resolve the problem.

12-08-04, 07:24 PM
I have exactly the same symptoms!

Has anyone fixed this or has a workaround?

My workaround under Linux is to use the OpenSource "nv"-driver, which works but has no 3d :(

02-11-05, 10:35 AM
same here.
But this time with a 6800 Ultra. (i tried a non ultra too...)