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04-16-04, 10:04 AM
Since I installed the Forceware 56.64 drivers, some video resolutions - notably 1280*960 - are unavailable to choose.

I later downgraded to the 53.03 drivers again as it pissed me off (with games I need at least 1280*960, and also 1152*864 is necessary). Now that I saw the 56.72 drivers, I thought I'd give it another try, but again the same problem.

I read a few threads in a few forums about it, but could not find any answer.

After some further research, I discovered that this only happens when I use the digital DVI-I interface of my LG FLATRON L1810B. If I connect it analog, or both and set clone mode, both resolutions are available.
Connecting it with clone enabled is not an option for me, though, as I use the analog interface of the monitor for another computer.
I tried many settings to no avail. I also enabled coolbits to see if there's some useful option there - nothing.

What options do I have? I would like to use the newer drivers, if there wouldn't be that problem. I read some others have this problem - any solutions or workarounds (other than downgrading os using clone) available?

I mailed Gainward (the maker of my card - GeForce FX 5600) tech support about the problem, they said they are checking it but I haven't got any solution from them yet (after a few weeks of delay). Following is my first message to their tech support, for further details:

Dear Gainward technical support staff,

I am sending this by e-mail as I had problems with your web support

With the ForceWare 53.03 drivers, I (and games I ran) could choose
amongst all standard modes my DVI-connected LCD monitor was capable of
(800*600, 1024*768, 1088*612, 1152*864, 1280*720, 1280*768, 1280*960,

Now with the ForceWare 56.64 drivers, the only modes available are
800*600, 1024*768, and 1280*1024.

What happened to the other modes? Why can I not choose them anymore
(and games don't see them available anymore)?

Especially I miss the 1152*864 and 1280*960 modes, as some
applications depend on a 4*3 ratio)

The graphics adapter I encounter the problems on is a Gainward GeForce
FX 5600 standard (128M RAM, AGP). Here are some additional details:

Gainward BIOS Version:
Semi-Product Part Number: G33100AFP0B4:0
VGA Memory: 128 MB
Bus type: AGP

Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP1a
CPU: Intel Pentium 4
CPU clock rate: 2800 MHz

Display: LG FLATRON LCD L1810B
Display interface: DVI-I

Mainboard: Intel D865PERL
System RAM: 512 MB

Last working driver version: 53.03
Current problem driver version: 56.64

I would appreciate any help or advice on how to solve this problem.

Thank you,
-- Tom

04-16-04, 10:35 AM
The 60.72 drivers also don't have these modes. However, the drivers give you an option to create whatever resolution/color depth/refresh rate combination you wish. I was able to create a 1280x960 and 1152x864 profile. It was tricky to get the refresh rate to work in games, but I got it to work after some fiddling with Refresh Force and the NVIDIA control panel.

The 56.72 drivers do not allow for creation of custom resolutions. Links to download the 60.72s are in this forum.