View Full Version : Good northbridge cooler for 7njs?

04-16-04, 12:43 PM
i need some suggestions on a good northbridge cooler. i'm thinking of getting a 2500+ mobile for my chaintech 7njs. once i get new ram i want to oc it to 200mhz, but most 7njs (nonultra) require a simple voltmod to the northbridge to help it out a bit. i need to find a good cooler for my northbridge, however it may be a tight fit, as theres capacitors around it and its close to the CPU socket. also, i'm using an alpha pal8045 heatsink so it hangs out a bit over the socket. so i'm assuming whatever heatsink/cooler setup i find must be of the same size. check out the image.


04-16-04, 01:24 PM
The HS looks smaller then most HS for boards, you might try to get a 40mm fan and take the top off the HS and screw in the fan.

04-16-04, 06:47 PM
i was planning on replacing the whole thing. i saw a swiftech setup for videochipsets that may work, i'm not sure how it will fit though.

04-17-04, 03:32 AM
It might even be the HS is bigger then normal so the mounting holes at part of the base.

04-18-04, 02:53 PM
that chipset actually does have a fan on it, its hard to see though because of the design they put on top. i'm looking at zalman passive heatsink but i dont know if i would trust a chipset without a fan on top of it. i found a swiftech MCX159A that looks pretty good, but its upwards of $35 just for a chipset cooler.

04-18-04, 02:55 PM
zalman = moderate cooling a low noise, swiftech = Excellent cooling at high noise.
Having that said my nF2 boards has passive only.