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04-16-04, 05:15 PM
Hi guys, and gals.

One of my mobos went south, I got a new one. It does not have the same chipset at the old one, but the rest of the hardware is the same. If i just move all the perisherals to the mobo, and plug in the old hard drive, with previous XP install, how can I make boot up normally.

I know it will work, I've done it before. I also remember it gives a lot of errors and has something to do with hdd controller. If i recall correctly, before taking off old drive it was necessary to remove the ide controller, so it would recognize the new one as default, on the new mobo that is.

Does anyone have any tips for smoothing out this migration process. Formatting and reinstalling is not an option at the moment.

Rampant CL
04-16-04, 05:19 PM
The best thing to do is simply make sure the drive is configured correctly with regards to master/ slave options, and jam it in.

Ive switched over 100 hdds on my pcs, and it normally works fine if xp isnt being annoying. If it is, boot up safe mode, remove any troublesome looking mobo drivers.

one other thing that may help is having the new mobo drivers extracted to a temporary folder, so when xp starts searching itll find it without any problems, just incase the cd drive isnt working

04-18-04, 09:38 PM
I've found just the opposite...to be true. Changing mobo's has had the worst effects on XP...even changing to a mobo with the same chip-set.
Now, I bite the bullet and do a clean OS installation....

04-18-04, 10:44 PM
I've found just the opposite...to be true. Changing mobo's has had the worst effects on XP...even changing to a mobo with the same chip-set.
Now, I bite the bullet and do a clean OS installation....
Ive had the same experince, i changed from a ALI chipset to a VIA, and it was a complete no go. Safe mode would also freeze so heh.

04-19-04, 09:33 AM
The experiment is over and it was the worst case I've seen yet. I did a similar upgrade several times last year, and in each case an install of WinXP over the previous copy fixed all the problems. This weekend tho, even XP install didn't help. It seems the install failed to recognize new IDE controller. Full format, clean install of XP Pro and all the apps...

04-19-04, 10:30 AM
If you're just trying to get some information off the drive, I'd recommend slaving the drive in your other PC and getting it that way. You're going to have some problems trying to use the same XP install on a different board I'm afraid. It's best the get the information you want and do a clean format.

04-19-04, 09:03 PM
I dont think its wise not to do a clean install, it will save you headaches in erros in the future. If its files,music and other downloads your trying to save your self from backing up and re-downloading make a partition and dumb them on the partition. That worked out better for me.

04-19-04, 11:33 PM
I went from an asus P4T533-C to a P4P800 dlx and had hell......had to completely wipe th HDD

04-20-04, 02:46 PM
Thanks for the help guys. There is another trick i picked up while googling for mobo upgrade. Changing the drivers for IDE controller to Standard (Generic) IDE seems to work for some people. So far im loosing 3 for 3 in trying to find a reliable way of doing this.

04-21-04, 11:28 PM
You tried a 'repair' install of XP?

And THAT didn't work!?

That's pretty amazing....

04-22-04, 01:05 AM
migrating the OS with the HD to a new mobo is pretty damn impressive. everytime i tried that i had no luck what so ever. had to do a fresh install of XP.

04-22-04, 08:34 AM
Hi guys, and gals.I just noticed this. Do we even have one regular female poster?

Backup your data onto another drive and wipe it. It's probably time for a clean install anyway.

Rampant CL
04-22-04, 05:15 PM
Thats actually my preferred method too, if i dont find i need it after the install, i didnt need it before.

04-22-04, 05:44 PM
heh, I just got lucky on this myself, this weekend as a matter of fact... I come home to find my 8RDA+ DEAD... AAUGH!! goofjb happened to have the SAME dang 8RDA+ layin around (save rev level, even), so I gave it a go last nite... success!! Everthing's running absolutely fine... only problem I've seen so far was a yellow exclamation point on a "motherboard resources" category in Device Manager. Everything runs fine... so far anyways... :p:p I'm backing everything up just in case, but I'm definitely glad this has worked in a pinch...

04-23-04, 10:18 AM
Hehe you used the same board tho. I was attempting to go from Asus P4T533-C to P4800C-E. IDE chipsets on those two are similar, just a different revision.

Here is another interesting scenario. Im gonna be cloning my drive from pata 120gb WD, to same sata drive. As far as I remember, pata and sata are on different controllers. Will the cloned drive boot-up without problems, considering it still thinks its on pata?

stncttr908 - I was shooting for the lowest common denominator, just in case, so to speak... :)

Son Goku
04-24-04, 06:04 PM
LiquidX has a point. I have way too much data to backup myself these days. I used to backup to a CD-RW, but my folders are now

\users 2.32 GB
\data 54.7 MB

That was from back when I used to dual boot win9x and winNT 4.0.

In any case, create a seperate directory for data, through everything in there or sub-dirs to it, and then set all programs to save there instead of in the program folders. It's just too much of a headache letting everything save things in the default locations. :eek:

Then create a seperate partition, or in my case I now have it on a seperate HD altogether from the OS. Haven't really lost data in like 8-9 years this way and I've had to do a number of installs.

I would not however try just moving a Windows install to a new mobo, and I even use a SCSI adapter for my HDs that doesn't change. Also, how many upgrades (out of the number one is allowed with WPA) does a mobo count as? I think a CPU is counted under 2 seperate things WPA looks for though it's been awhile since I looked at the list...