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04-17-04, 04:39 PM

Just installled a NVIDIA 5900XT card and got a few question about the driver options :)

I installed the latest drivers from the NVIDIA web site aswell, version 56.72.

In the driver options i can see Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering settings, i know what they all do :)

On a 5900XT card how big is the performance hit when running Anisotropic filtering @ 4x ?

Theses another option "Image Settings" got three options,

High Performace

What do i loose or gain between them three options ?

Another setting "Force mipmaps", this has three options,


What setting is for best performace and whats for best quality ? also what do i loose or gain from the three options ?

What is "Conformant texture clamp" ? got 2 options on or off, what does this do ?

Two settings are greyed out, "Extension Limit and Hardware acceleration" should they be greyed out ?

Thanks :)

04-17-04, 05:03 PM
You can see what the things mean by selecting the option and using the '?' icon in the top right of the wnidow and selecting the option, it will show a tool tip with details on what the option does.

I have a 5900xt too and run most 'old' games with 8x anisotropy and 2xQ anti-aliasing, get framerate more than 50 fps most of the time. (I am guessing, but its a smooth frame rate, and never goes laggy). The games I've used these settings on are with GTA VC, with max settings.. serious sam 2 with max settings, really smooth man :)

I don't go there with Far Cry though, I use no AA and no AF, although never tried. But with fairly high settings & very high settings (custom settings) its about 25 fps - 50 fps in Far Cry.. So adding AF into the equation might bring Framerate to unplayable :(

04-20-04, 08:49 AM
when running aa filtering, you will see less of a performance hit than if you use AF. also, in the image quality settings, the performance differnce from performance to quality is very very slight. i tested it and its about 60 points in 3dmark. and try farcry on performance setting and quality setting. you will be amazed at how terrible it looks on performance. and forcing mipmaps is better left up to the software. bilinear and trilinear are 2 texture filtering methods that have been around since the 3dfx glory days and even before that. they have no performance difference and aa is the new filtering method that puts those 2 to shame, but with a performance hit.

04-20-04, 10:17 AM
Cheers lads.

Should i just set the "forcing mipmaps" setting to off ? does that allow the program to choose what it wants ?

04-20-04, 10:21 AM
yeah, i would leave it as is.

04-20-04, 10:23 AM
yeah, i would leave it as is.

Sorry you have lost me lol

So the "forcing mipmaps" setting, what should i use,



04-20-04, 10:28 AM
i would none. cause your games are gonna decide for you, unless you use aa and then that overrides the game settings

04-20-04, 10:34 AM
Cheers, set it to None :)

Dont use AA or AF, brother plays halo all the time so no need for AA or AF.

04-21-04, 03:52 AM
Keep in mind that bilinear and trilinear are TEXTURE filtering methods - not render filtering. They can work with - or, indepentently of - anisotropic filtering.

What they do is change the texture as it distances from you. Think of a checkerboard. Now, tilt it an an angle. The squares farther away from you are smaller, no? Now, if you just used that board as a single texture on all the frames, it would look kinda funny. The next row of boards behind the first would have a grid that didn't quite line up with the first row. And the next row back would have the same problem.

Bilinear and trilinear filtering is an attempt to change the size and shape of subsequent rows to 'fix' them. What Anisotropic filtering does is control how the different rows blend together.

Now, generally, anisotropic is left up to the user. It's a pretty big performance hit, and it really needs to be up to the user how much texture smoothing they want.

Bilinear and trilinear filtering is probably NOT something you want forced. It's much better for the game engine to decide how to filter its textures (in any case, using this option to 'force' bilinear or trilinear filtering isn't REALLY doing that....all it is doing is telling applications that can't set it themselves anyway what option to use. If the application can control its texture filtering, it won't matter what you set here, it will be overridden).

04-21-04, 09:16 AM
Hi there
im usin this card
prolink geforce fx 5200 128 bit 128 MB(250/500)
i wanted to knw that there was an option of auto overclocking in the driver 56.64 win 9x but that is not comin in the 56.72 driver in win xp.
PS: is it ok to enable this option or will it affect the card in any way
Also i used riva tuner and overclocked the card to the maximum it specified the card to be overclocked i tested the new setting and the screen got white with spots and i restrtd th pc and it was workin fine again...
well i wanted to knw is there still a problem or not and how can i check it...
PS: i am getting this score in 3d mark 5131 in AGP 4x mode (my mobo has a 4x slot)
well if i upgrade my mobo to an 8x slot then will there be an increase in the performance and if so then how much..(i think my card is running at half the speed coz the card is 8x)
Reply early..