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04-18-04, 06:25 PM
OK, this problem has been blowing my mind since i started using this ABIT NF7-S 2.0 about a year ago. When the CPU is HEAVILY stressed (and overclocked quite a bit.. see my specs), it would act as if it overheated and shut down with a two tone siren. The overheating temp is set to 90C in the BIOS, but my temps hardly EVER go over 50C.

Since I got this board I have read that the siren is usually caused by an improperly placed heat sink. Well, my temps are fine, and ive reseated my sink many MANY times with no change, so I always dismissed this and thought the board was just buggy.

Well..... I recently downloaded the "94K Game". And because it creates such an insanely high CPU load when loading (because it has to actually create all of the game data on the fly) it would cause my computer to do the shutdown\siren thing again some times at the load screen.

Today I went to Abit's website hoping that there would be some new information about the Siren "bug". I searched the forums and found a few threads that all ended up with the problem being caused by the heatsink not being seated correctly. One of them actually said that heavy heatsinks (such as my SK-7) can pull away from the chip and cause the temps to rise quickly enough to set off the siren... the temps dont actually need to exceed the warning temp! A fast increase in tempurature sets it off too! Sooo... I read some more and found that someone fixed their problem by laying their case on its side.

I applied a little more AS3 (i figure if the HS can pull away by a little tiny bit, a little more AS3 could fill the gap and save me a crash here and there) and set my case on its side and I NO LONGER HAVE THE PROBLEM! My temps are lower by a couple degrees (despite the temp in my room being almost 80F this weekend!) and I can run 94K demo 5 times in a row, with no problems! I just upped my multiplier to 12.5 and still no problems!

Ive got a 622Mhz overclock on this $50 CPU and its FINALLY perfectly stable!

The highest temp ive seen today is 49C. I had MBM running on my second monitor while I was playing Vietcong and Desert Combat with 63 bots.

This is amazing! Im going to stand this thing up some time, and see if it crashes again. If it does, i'll probably invest in a larger heatsink that has screw-mounts rather than clip mounts.

Yay!! :clap: :clap:

04-18-04, 07:43 PM
Perfectly stable at these settings... heres my WCPUID info.

Im so proud of this CPU, I knew it was a (dirt cheap) piece of gold when I bought it over a year ago :D

Other info:
Thoroughbred B Core 1700+ JIUHB 302 (heh, i still remember all that... :retard: )
Currently been running all day, its about 75F here, and the CPU is at 45C :D