View Full Version : 16:9 video out

04-20-04, 09:50 PM
I have a small but annoying problem. Any thoughts anyone?

I have XP with a FX5600 with VIVO. I am running the forceware 56.72 driver.

I'm running video on my computer but wish to view it on my TV instead of my monitor. That is what I am doing and everything is ok. (IE. I am using my TV as my second monitor in multiview display. The TV signal is coming out of the round 8pin svideo plug).

My monitor is a BenQ 19" LCD (normal 4:3)
My TV is a Loewe Xelos (widescreen)


When I play a video on my computer that is in a 16:9 format. It displays on my television as if the signal it is recieving is 4:3. Thus I see the picture on my television in the letter box format with black bars above and below the picture. Insead of filling up the full screen of my TV as it should do.

I have exausted all the other variables such as the settings on my television. So it seems the issue either arises with the my FX 5600 or with my N'Vidia settings.

Could anyone venture a little help please?