View Full Version : Just Picked up Hitman Contracts...

04-21-04, 10:49 PM
Be back with my review later ;)

04-21-04, 11:10 PM
1 work of caution, DO NOT USE AA!!! It doesnt seem to work, and drops the fps into the teens, I was wondering why I was getting terrible performance for the last 30 minutes.

Meh, still not getting the greatest performance.. and graphics look worse than Hitman2.. not sure how that is possible... Overall, I'm a little disapointed, just seems like a lame console port. Maybe the next level is better, this first level is uber weird :retard:

04-22-04, 01:08 AM
PICS ?? :cry:

04-22-04, 06:58 PM
Here is one quick pic... Omg this level is pretty racy, with half naked chicks dancing and giving lap dances..lol

04-23-04, 08:14 AM
PC Demo? They have yet to release that.

The graphics do look the same too me(btw hitman 2 and contracts). My friend got it on the ps2 and i was over to his place. Have not played it much.

edit: another question, on the website under characters it has some of the old characters which you killed in Hitman 1. Boris and Lee Hong what is the deal with that :confused:

04-23-04, 09:58 AM
Yes, it has a few redone missions... Basically the whole game is like a back in time sort of thing... kinda strange

04-23-04, 10:47 AM
I read in the Eidos Forum that if you turned of 'post-filtering'(dont have a clue what that is on the pc) all the slow downs etc. go away.

04-28-04, 01:43 AM
Yeah I don't know what the hell is going on with this game. With FSAA and Post Filter off, the game runs like butter. FSAA seems to do nothing but slows the game down big time. Post filtering seems to minimize the jaggies but again has a big performance hit. I see nothing in this game that should cause these type of slowdowns. Other than that, I like the game so far.