View Full Version : First Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 game revealed with video

04-22-04, 12:38 PM

04-22-04, 01:25 PM
Yeah. That's about 3 weeks old teaser :)

Darksector is visually extremely stunning. Definitely beats Doom 3 and others in the corridor department (obviously). But is this going to look dated when it's released 2 years from now? Hey wait... that's kinda scary thought :o

04-23-04, 10:32 PM
Nice..The games shadows and lighting reminds me of splinter cell.

04-23-04, 10:35 PM
As I have stated in the Rage3d thread, I love it.

Ninja Prime
04-24-04, 12:23 AM
Considering it's an alpha of an unfinished game with an unfinished engine, first generation software running on PC emulation and it still looks better than Doom 3 or anything else out now or coing this years, I'd say I'm impressed.