View Full Version : video play back problem 5900..

04-25-04, 12:03 PM
I have run into a problem that started a few weeks ago and I cannot pin it down, I get color blocks in some videos played on Media Player 9, and other videos will just have little white dots.. Quicktime plays videos with no such problems.. I have just re-installed windows after exhausting every option I could think of, but even with the new install the problem still exists..

using 56.72 drivers now, but have tried other drivers with the same results..

any ideas???

04-25-04, 12:14 PM
can u start only one thread in future about the same topic thanks

04-25-04, 12:18 PM
Watcha talkin bout willis? only wrote and pressed submit once..

04-25-04, 12:36 PM
i deleted a second thread in this very same forum. one was titled as it is now the otehr was a different one with the same post content.

04-27-04, 01:30 PM
I had a bug with WMP9 locking up (actually was explorer.exe, but only happened when I went to open a movie in WMP9). This bug started when I went from the 53.03 drivers to the 56.55 or higher drivers (56.64 & 56.72 also). I tried everything possible, but there was no fix................. until the 60.72 drivers were leaked, and they got rid of the bug.

You problem's description is slightly different, but it does involve WMP9, and you are using the 56.72 drivers, so maybe.............

04-27-04, 01:38 PM
I am using 56.72's right now, but I have tried older and newer upto the 60.72's and still shows the same issue.. I think I have gotten it down to being tied to Divx.. but why it's happening all of the sudden I don't know.. might have to re-install again and go step by step to see what is conflicting.