View Full Version : 56.72 being a bad pony

04-28-04, 02:16 AM
totally lame..! WEAK!!
anyway - i just got myself an nforce board (A7N8X-E Deluxe) and i installed the 3.13 UDP for it - then i got the 56.72 driver and installed that and when i did windows no longer showed the name of my card (Geforce 2 ti) and would only stay in the initial 640 x 480 - 4bit color mode... :screwy:
so i've tried rolling back and installing them a few times and every time all i can do is go back to the UDP provided driver which works ok..
however - i have a bit of a problem with things stuttering when i use my ps/2 keyboard.. winamp skips and UT2004 hiccups a bit...
but like.. it's supposed to work right? 56.72 worked fine on my A7V133-C... :canadian:

thanks for listenin.. :-)

04-28-04, 06:44 PM
i fixed it!!!
i had AGP 8X support enabled in my BIOS and my card is only 4X - i read at rojakpot.com that you must disable 8X if your card doesnt support it.. yay!! no more crackling sound and the driver works properly..! :ORDER: