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04-29-04, 05:47 AM
Someone at Rage3d asked how if "Is there a program out there that will monitor video ram usage?" (http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?postid=1332805510), and someone replied with this link:


now this program is amazing without a doubt, the first of its kind that I've seen... but does anyone know of any other prgrams like it. The software has one major downside, it cannot continuously measure video memory while playing games, nor does it keep a log. We'd all be curious to see how much video memory gets used in our favorite games.

So anyone know of better programs for this, or how to fix this one?

04-29-04, 08:27 AM
There is 3D analyze v 2.33 from Tommti-Systems.

You launch a games .exe file through it. It has the option for counters shows rendering in realtime or performance logging to file itself. However it only works with a handful of games. New version will work with FarCry this is the program I use for testing and you can mimic your card's IDs to that of ATI. Under logging I noticed I have used up to ~ 200M of v-ram in UT2004 under extreme settings.

Also since the Forceware drivers introduced, you enable the hidden features through coolbits either registry hack or nvhardpage. There is an option under more direct3d where you can select a performance graph showing realtime stats.

Also many more popular games like UT and FarCry have console commands to show many different statistics themselves.