View Full Version : New mobo Help

05-01-04, 07:46 AM
Fitted a new motherboard to pc and boots up to windows, but then i get error message the System has recovered from a serious error or something then turns off. No idea what this is maybe leads in wrong place/not good enuff psu or i fitted summit wrong, any idea? thanks

05-01-04, 08:07 AM
Your old and new system specs would be helpful.

05-01-04, 09:04 AM
Did you reinstall windows after you got the new board or did you try booting from your old installation?

05-01-04, 10:23 AM
booting without formatting, i can run windows now without error after a restore still abitt wired lines down the screen.

05-02-04, 01:36 AM
I had to reformat and install windows to get my system running again. This is a must if your changing chipsets (nForce 2 IGP to nForce 2 400 in my case). The lines could be cause from fried system or video memory during the installation.