View Full Version : NFS U & Geforce2 mx400 PCI????

05-01-04, 09:20 PM
Has anyone tried playing need for speed underground with a geforce2 mx400 64MB DDR PCI card. I really want to know if to buy d game. Help!!!

05-01-04, 09:45 PM
You could always download the demo and try it. That's why demos exist, really. :eek:

05-02-04, 12:20 AM
my friend got an mx agp,runs fine but with gfx details on low.agreed with saturnotaku try da demo.

05-02-04, 10:46 AM
I know about the demo, but my internet really sucks Fu$^##@$ 56K modem & a very retarded server. I know the card is weak & outdated. A friend got GF2 MX 440 AGP, runs NFS U fine, but not as glossy as other cards I've seen. Thanks 4 D replies!

05-03-04, 06:01 PM
Yeah i got a Geforce 2 Mx400 (agp though) on a Athlon 750mhz with 512 mb Pc133 it runs fine on medium quality. But you won't get Light trails, Motion blur or People because there is no pixel shader support.