View Full Version : MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200 question

10-13-02, 09:43 AM
I went to the msi site and noticed they have new models of the geforce 4 ti4200 128mb models as listed below... any idea on the difference and is either much better than the other.......

G4Ti4200-TD and G4Ti4200-VTP128

are these cards any good as I have an athlon 1200mhz system and want to upgrade to one of these cards

10-13-02, 01:51 PM
I picked up the 4200-td (ms8870) a few weeks ago from a shop down the street(krex) and have only good things to say about msi video cards at this point.

I knew something was up when the box was handed to me, it felt like there was a brick inside. After what seemed like an eternal five minute ride back home(was actually able to resist the urge to bust the box open at a red light :)) I opened this sweet little package to find 7 cd's, an s-video cable, dvi to vga adapter, s-video/composite y splitter, a perty msi sticker and of course a red pcb 4200 with a sharp looking heatsink and 128mb of samsung 4ns. To say I was stoked would be quite the understatement...

Hoping this wasnt too good to be true the card was installed and put through its paces for a bit. 330 core and 594 memory, no slouch in the o/c department either, rounded out this experience nicely. Not that 3dmark 2001 means much but heres my 13048 compare

btw since I was'nt using the se version of 3dmrk2001 agp, bus speed and vid memory arent correctly shown.
1.6@148 fsb, 4x agp, 128mb vid mem.


(edited to fix compare link)