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10-13-02, 10:20 AM
One of my distributers offered me a Gossamer 300 MHz G3 with the original 17" display. Got it loaded up with 384MB of ram, my old hp8100, a 30GB HDD, ATI Rage 128 16MB PCI card, OSX.2, Office X, and about every other sweet prog carbonized so far. This is my first Mac and I think it is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread. I havent tried any 3D games nor do I intend to. I do suspect I will be doing a lot more of my day to day cwork on this machine. This has to be the best OS I have yet to try.

10-13-02, 10:43 AM
what is going on..people moving to ati..and people moving to the mac, what next?

The Baron
10-13-02, 10:49 AM
Gotta love it when people don't realize that Linux exists... :o

10-13-02, 10:51 AM
I love the new OSX 10.2...played with it at a friends house...

Does everything that a PC can do, plus has style.
Too bad about the price difference tho...

10-13-02, 02:29 PM

I certainly hope that you are not implying that I know nothing of Linux, as I am sure I have sampled more distros, compiled more kernals, and generally am very proficient. I will most definitely laugh in your face if you try to compare any Linux distro to OSX. You do know the differences between BSD and Linux dont you?

The points I didnt originally make were that I didn't have to fire up my loud windows box for day to day computing tasks, and Office X is better than Office XP by a long shot, especially Entourage. Go ahead and fire up Star Office 6.0 and compare the proggies. I am not slamming Linux, quite the contrary, I was just expessing appreciation for a fine system that cost me a total of $200.00 with everything.

10-13-02, 04:31 PM
Man, it's just so pretty.

10-14-02, 12:06 PM
Although never borrowing any lines from the codebase asside from various programs intended for Unix that can be compiled for Linux, much of the ideology and theories used in Linux are based upon what was learned and implemented in Unix. Many of the available programs found their roots in both Unix and Linus.

OSX is based on BSD, which we all know is a derivation of Unix. It's in essence a Unix operating system running a modified version of X. Much of the codebase remains the same from Unix. Many of the behind-the-scenes ops are still there. You can even log in to a console as root and manage the system much the same way you would on a true Unix or Linux box.

For many, OSX embodies what *nix never has. It's a Unix based operating system that's down to earth. It's easy to use, beautiful to say the least, easy to manage, and easy to install without losing the power or stability of a true *nix system.

Both Linux and OSX are based upon Unix. They may look different, but they're actually very similar. The difference is that OSX has achieved a level of user friendliness (yes I did just type that) that *nix wont for some time. There's no shame in using it, or in enjoying the many things that sets it apart from it's founding operating systems, nor is there any shame in choosing to run it over a harder to use incarnation of the os.

10-15-02, 07:05 AM
Linux... Wahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha....

Oh sorry... did someone say Linux??? You mean that OS that has virtually no user friendliness, the fact if you have to do anything right you must go to command line?? Garbage. An OS for that person who just has a lot of time to blow on accomplishing zip. I see zero gained from Linux.. but I truely wish Redhat would stop sending me their Critical Patch e-mails. I swear I got about 50 of these in my inbox and their 'unsubscribe' feature don't work (likely cuz it's Linux). But man, Linux on the Mac.. that's a night mare. My uncle has called me over about 10 times for suspricious files, and he's always been on Mac.. Windows may not be the bestest thing, but it works and I don't need command line. Why go back in time?, if I wanted to do that I'd go to DOS.

10-15-02, 01:03 PM
Don't be upset because Redhat sends you emails. There's a reason there's so many Linux related patches and bug fixes. Problems are fixed when they are found, as opposed to three months down the road if they ever get fixed at all. Hell there's a problem right now with IE that's existed since version 4.0. It allows people to run code on your machine without your knowledge. It's been the primary delivery vehicle for such virii as Sircam and Nimda. No OS is perfect, and they're all constantly evolving. Trust me, the large number of updates and fixes are a blessing to those who take the time to learn the OS.

I don't know about you Fluke, but when I started using computers DOS was all that was around. I learned and mastered it because that was the only way to become proficient in the use of the computers available to me. When Win3.1 came around, I only used it when I had to. The command line was home. Much more powerful and there were simply more options available. When 3.1 fell to 95, DOS went with it for the most part. For many of us it was a sad time when we lost DOS. Some time later I found out about Linux. It wasn't any more daunting than DOS had been when I knew nothing about it. It's the security we find in Windows that keeps us from really getting into other operating systems. We don't want to leave what we know and what we're proficient in. It's a comfort zone of sorts I guess.

But let's be honest. Linux makes a far superior server. And as a workstation you can't beat it's stability. Once it's configured (that's the tricky part), it's easier to use than windows. The GUI (yes, there actually is a GUI) is far more customizable. You can make it look and act any way you want. Does it have it's problems? Yes. But so does any program of that size. Unfortunately a lot of people take it's strengths as a sign of weakness just because it's different than what they already know.

In closing, probably you should take the time to learn a little bit about the operating system rather than mistake a full inbox as an indication of failure of an OS.

The Baron
10-15-02, 06:50 PM
Getting it configured?

Knoppix (http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html)

Try that, tell me if it doesn't IMMEDIATELY run XFree.

10-16-02, 06:26 AM
get yourself 2 or 3 things for that Mac to make it REALLY sweet. Adobe Photoshop runs great on Mac, you gotta have that program. Unreal Tournament 1 will run very nicely with that ATI Rage128 card, and I hear it's very smooth on Mac as well. And finally, if you can find a copy of Avid Cinema for Mac, get it! It's not manufactuered anymore, but it was probably the easiest program ever made for video editing, and only on Mac did it run at such high quality. The PC version of Avid Cinema only had crumby 320x200 resolutions for video capture, but on Mac it was 640x480 or higher!

Beleive me, I've considered a Mac myself, so long as I can have the programs I want in it.

hmmmm... ebay?

10-16-02, 08:18 AM
My only last statement about Linux is. If you have lots of time, go nuts. I don't. Too much manual and not enough user friendliness in the gUI. They have made improvements but side by side comparison with Windows... sorry windows is just to convenient.

I'm not slinging mud at Linux. At work at Nortel, I use Linux, Solaris, HP Unix and Windows NT 2K, XP and 3.51. As well as Windows 9x - SE. I love Unix but to compare it to Windows... it's not even close in my opinion. Servers are a different beast, and understandbly Unix is better. But clearly these days we can see that Linux is not all as secure as we once believed. Like I said in another post perhaps. Redhats sends me an new exploit warning almost every 2 days. That's a lot.