View Full Version : Overclocking 5600XT, hehehe !!!

05-03-04, 01:46 PM
I have recently bought this budget card purely for overclocking purposes and have been impressed by the results on 3DMark03...

First, I removed the stock HSF and installed a Vantec Copper VGA HSF (Nice...)

Results are as follows-

Original Clock Speeds - Core Clock - 234
Memory Clock - 399
3DMark03 Score - 1427

Finished Result - Core Clock - 296
Memory Clock - 475
3DMark03 Score - 1653

The tested system was a AMD 2600+, 512mb DDRAM, Asus Mobo A7V8X-X.

Can anyone think of any better way of pushing this card even more ......

The end result was good considering

05-03-04, 01:53 PM
Not in 3D mark 2003 mind you thats score is pretty damn low, shouldn't you not be getting around 4xxxpts?

I get nearly 7000pts on a Radeon 9800NP overclocked of course :)

05-03-04, 02:53 PM
I hate to break this to you, and I don't wanna make you feel bad... but my stock TI4400 gets about 1950 in 3dmark2k3. That's higher than your overclocked FX5600XT despite the fact you have DX9 and the TI4400 only has DX8. 1653 is a very low 3dmark score, especially for a DX9 card. That's because the FX5600XT only has a 64bit memory bus which is never a good thing. If I may make a suggestion, can you return the FX5600XT for a different card? Maybe an FX5700 non-ultra instead? Those only run about $115 or so and overclock like champs ;)

05-03-04, 03:00 PM
Not all 5600XTs have 64-bit buses, the 5600XTs I sell, have a 128-bit path, and offer much improved performance. Click here. (http://www.sparkle.com.tw/html/product/nvidia/sp8831xt_dv.htm)

05-03-04, 04:32 PM
I dont see how a stock ti4400 can get nearly 2k in 2003, would that mean an overclocked ti4600 can get 2500+ and yes his fx5600 scores are extremely low, my fx5200 scores better than that, he should be at least 2500

05-03-04, 05:18 PM
Stupid me i was thinking of the 5900XT :o so many names with XT in :o

Also my Ti4400 had over 2k in 3Dmark 2001 it was the highest ever ,mark for the card but removed it a couple of days ago as i was running out spare slots. Mind you that was overclocked but it did very little to bolster the score :(